Yummy Rosemary And Garlic Sweet Potato Fries…

Yummy Rosemary And Garlic Sweet Potato Fries

“Anticancer, Anti-Inflammatory, Full of Antioxidants, Immune Boosting, Helps with Arthritis, Low Glycemic Index, Great for Soothing to the GI Tract and Much More”

Here is a super tasty and very simple recipe that will please everyone in the house. And this recipe is full of lots of great healing agents that prevent cancer, full of mood-improving B Vitamins, anti-inflammatory, helps with arthritis, full of iron for anemia, boosts up our immune system, full of antioxidants, has a low glycemic index, full of lots of magnesium for enzyme production and great sleep, soothing to the GI tract, great for the liver, and lots of beta carotene for healing every part of our body. And for sure you will come back for 2nds and 3rds with this great tasting recipe.

Another Whole-Foods Plant-Based Recipe


5 – Pounds of Organic Sweet Potatoes or Yams – Cut into Small Cubes or you can cut them into typical french fry lengths – You start out with a lot but in the end after roasting it’s about half of the volume.

12 – Cloves of Organic Garlic

10 – Tablespoons of Fresh Organic Rosemary

Filter Water

Salt — these fries don’t taste right without a bit of salt.

Take the rosemary and garlic and place in a blender and enough filtered water to blend and liquify.

Then take the cut up sweet potatoes and place them in a large bowl and pour over the top the liquified rosemary and garlic and mix well.

Then place the fries on a cookie sheet and place in a 450-Degree oven for about 45 minutes or until golden brown. Remove from the oven and let cool and serve.

Or you can use one of the new air friers they work well too for this recipe.

Serves 12 people

Remember to eat organic – Regular fruits, veggies, and grains contain from 30 to 50 disease-causing chemicals in them… not good. So eat organic and stay healthy.

See this link for the Health Benefits of Organic Sweet Potatoes – See Link


Dr. Paul Haider – Master Herbalist


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