You’re Soul Mates Or Twin Souls: But Do You Know Your Soul?…

You’re Soul Mates Or Twin Souls: But Do You Know Your Soul?

“The Soul opens to an existence long before there was a conscious Ego and will be Soul far beyond, what an ego could ever reach. The soul is not subject to the laws of time and space.”- Carl Jung.

Our immortal essence is unconscious, and therefore an enigma to most people. I would like to motivate you, to get in touch with your own awe-inspiring spiritual mystery.

There is a difference between the ego and soul. From the moment of birth and with each passing year, the soul, the immortal essence slips away into our unconscious mind. As we grow up, we get absorbed into our society. Our social order is ruled by our rational ego mind.

The mainstream view on soul mates and twin flames is embedded in an ordinary attraction. The true metaphysical view transcends the ordinary. A true spiritual awakening broadens your rational mind. You get a glimpse of the extraordinary in the ordinary. In an ordinary attraction, it’s all what’s happening out there. In a soul mate or twin flame the attraction is inward and incorporates out there.

Your soul’s mates are a reflection of your spiritual identity within you, and this likeness is a holy experience. As you live from this place, eternity shines thru time; this extraordinary connection is a gift from heaven… Your soul’s mates are tapping into their unlimited soul’s memory when you and them cross paths…know when you meet you will encounter relationship challenges, but with an extraordinary connection between the both of you.

The soul doesn’t communicate like our ego does by our vocal cords. The soul communicates by being Clairsentient-able to sense the subtle energy of the soul, or by being Clairvoyant-seeing images or symbols of the subtle energy, or by being Clairaudient- able to hear sounds or vibrations, or by being Claircognizant-able to just know the energy of the spiritual realm.

To be truly soul mates or twin flames all parties involved must be in touch with one or more of the Clairs. Once we psychically understand, then our ego expects a desired outcome.

Sensing, knowing, and expecting are different, sensing/knowing is of the soul, expecting is of the ego. As such… all expectations need to be let go of, expectations are a demand of the ego.

In order to get in touch with your soul, you must quiet the conscious ego mind.

1) Do you mediate?

2) Do you pay attention to your dreams?

3) Do you listen, hear, and see beyond your five senses?

4) Your soul is like an inner space beyond your ego.

5) The soul is expressed thru the ego by the emotion of joy!

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