25 Signs You’re A Modern Mystic…

25 Signs You’re A Modern Mystic

1. You surround yourself with crystals and gemstones.

2. You tell your friends “you just can’t take the energy” when referring to a place you’d rather not go to.

3. You only cook with ghee if you use butter.

4. You look at little kids and think to yourself “I wonder who they were in a past life”.

5. You have a guru.

6. You plan your life decisions around astrological charts and the phases of the planets.

7. Your fridge is never without raw almond milk.

8. You have a clear vision in your head of what you used to be in a past life, and it was way more awesome than anyone else.

9. You love your plants! In fact, you’ve named them and talk to them daily.

10. You and your buddies sit around talking about your various experiences in meditation whenever you hang out.

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11. You’ve met the Dalai Lama, and you just know he recognized you from a past life.

12. You don’t go anywhere without your travel gear: gemstones, sage, meditation shawl, and mala. If you can’t bring ’em, it’s not worth it!

13. When your significant other is driving, you practice astral projection.

14. You just totally became one with the universe in your last meditation.

15. Your meditations are SO much deeper on a sattvic diet.

16. You have a strange desire to grow out a long beard and wear orange robes.

17. You can read auras. (“OMG is his yellow?? Don’t trust him.”)

18. When someone cuts you off while driving, you simply envision them in white light…while gritting your teeth.

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19. You’re in love with sandalwood.

20. You’re SO not attached to the outcome of events it’s almost like you’re a sage. Almost.

21. You listen to Krishna Das.

22. You only eat non-GMO organic food. Oh, and your eggs are free range.

23. You’ve experimented with the breatharian diet.

24. Sandals? Pssh. You prefer barefoot, so you can feel mother Gaia under your feet.

25. The last time you were astral traveling, you saw your significant other breaking your raw vegan diet- and you were not amused.


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