Your Soul Is Calling

Your soul is calling. It’s been quietly whispering to you your whole life. You may have not even been aware of it. Or you may have, and you used your analytical left brain to analyze away why you shouldn’t listen.

But deep down, you’ve felt an ache. A longing. Like something is missing but you don’t know what. So you keep searching. Maybe if I get that thing outside of me then I’ll find it. But every time you get one of those things, the ache is still there.

Your soul is calling. So the question is: Are you going to answer it?

Deep down, our greatest desire in life is uncover the essence of who we are and let it shine out in the world. To use our authentic soul gifts out in the world in a way that benefits humanity. To have balance between our inner and outer worlds. It’s not about finding our soul’s purpose, because our soul’s purpose isn’t something we go out into the world and do, our soul’s purpose is just to BE us. Authentic, whole us.

We long to find our inner lights and shine them out in the world. To heal our past, change our thinking and step into our authentic personal power. Not a power that is external to us… that’s what we’ve been striving for all our lives and that’s the kind of power that has left us empty handed. No, I’m talking about the kind of power where we stand strong in who we are. Internal power. Soul power. The kind of power that attracts life, not repels it. The kind of power that keeps us connected to life, all of life.

I believe that soul loss is the greatest epidemic sweeping our culture and most don’t even know it exists. It’s the root cause of most of our life struggles. In our valiant effort to create the life we thought we were supposed to live in the way we thought we were supposed to live it, we unknowingly abandoned the soul, the reason, the essence behind the life that gives meaning, purpose and passion to it all.

It sounds simple but it takes a daily commitment to find this kind of power. It takes showing up every day and embarking on a journey. It’s not a sprint. It’s not even a marathon. It’s a lifelong commitment to showing up for yourself, for your soul. In taking the next right step at this very moment, and then the next one, and so on and so on till the end of time.

Is it hard? Yes, it can be. It takes a commitment to show up for yourself, for your soul. Your life has been built upon an unstable foundation. Sometimes we have to rebuild from the ground up.

The question shouldn’t be is it hard as much as is it worth it? Because the answer is yes, a 1,000 times yes. Anything worth doing takes effort, determination, commitment, perseverance. Your soul needs you to prove that you are worthy of coming back to you.

Does it ever get easier? Yes, those old patterns and relationships take time and courage to heal. Stepping into your personal power is the most beautiful, loving, natural and magical thing you can do. This kind of power radiates and creates a better world.

But once you break free, there’s magic on the other side. The magic that you’ve been searching for your whole life.

To the untrained eye, this may all sound like a selfish thing to do but in actuality, it’s the most selfless thing we can do. We become better humans in this process of reconnecting with our souls and better humans, create a better world.

Your soul is calling… Are you ready to answer it?


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