Your Service Is Your Medicine…

Your Service Is Your Medicine

My teacher, Dr Ricci-Jane Adams, principal of the Institute for Intuitive Intelligence has told her students this often.   At first I didn’t understand what she meant. But during my Third Level studies at the institute I began to get it. We are trained to be priestesses of consciousness. Trained to learn to use our non-local intuition to help our clients meet and clear subconscious fear.

Why do we want to do this? The reason, is that without knowing that we are doing so, we create our lives from our subconscious basement. The spirituality embraced by most of us seems to generally embrace the concept of the law of attraction and the law of vibration but this is really only part of the picture.

Yes we are creating through our thoughts and feelings, but what we mostly don’t know, is that we create from our subconscious. And in our subconscious basement resides our fears. These fears are not just the fears of this lifetime, inherited from our families. These fears are the fears of all our concurrent lifetimes.

Our souls came to earth to learn and evolve. So the spirituality of vision boards to meet the ego’s needs is not the evolution that our souls signed up for. From our limited ego selves we believe that if we don’t get the shopping list of things we think will make us happy, then something has gone wrong.  From the infinite perspective of the soul, the events of our lives are there for our evolution, not our comfort. What apparently has gone wrong is just our soul’s growth.

The point of our soul’s growth is to serve. As a priestess of god consciousness, the alchemy between me and my clients is medicine for us both. The subconscious basement of fears that is revealed during an Intuitive Intelligence Method is exposed through the alchemy of the giver and the receiver of the Method session. A different practitioner would pick up a slightly different perspective on these fears.

However, the funny thing is also, that all fear is one fear. It is the fear of separation. It is the fear that we are limited and finite. The circumstances of our lives are there only for the purpose of our awakening to the truth of what we are. When our lives bring us to our knees we want to cling to control. But this control is illusory. Ooh the joy of spiritual paradox.

So what is the solution? Find out what your subconscious fears are and meet them.  Then you can create consciously. And the first step? The first step is to serve. Instead of asking God what you can get, ask God how you can serve?

First meet your fear, then serve, then step into your Queen or King. Your service is your medicine means that since we are one, if we serve one, we serve all consciousness. Freedom is living from a place where fear is not fearful. It is a sign of something that our soul needs to meet, for its evolution.


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Therésa Westlake Garcia

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I am a qualified Intuitive Intelligence Trainer, having graduated as a Third Level Priestess with the Institute for Intuitive Intelligence.

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