Your Period Pain Is Your Message To (P)lease (M)ake (S)pace…

Your Period Pain Is Your Message To (P)lease (M)ake (S)pace

Wild woman, it’s time to reclaim your inner primal nature. Our ancestors cycled with the moon and bled on the earth together in menstrual huts.

In our current society, we have less cultural acceptance for rest during this sacred time of the woman’s cycle for release and rebirth. Women are pressured to show up and get the job done as always, and as a result, many women take aspirin to numb the pain and drink espresso to stimulate the mind to maintain progress.

“PLEASE MAKE SPACE,” says your period pain.

Your PMS has a message. It’s asking you to reclaim your inner wild woman, and she’s rebelling from the years and decades of suppression of the wild feminine. She is asking you to be messy, embrace your rage, process your feelings, take deep pause to surrender your task list and let yourself deeply FEEL in your somatic body. She desires for your hips to move to music, dance underneath the moonlight, enjoy a luxurious salt bath, and do some mirror work- witnessing yourself be SEEN: crying, howling, dancing- letting yourself flow while breathing deep into your pelvic bowl.

This is your POWER. When you listen and not suppress your emotions, your period pain, food cravings, migraines have a message for you:

Where do you need to create stronger boundaries in your life?

What do you need to say: “NO thank you to”- instead of saying yes out of obligation, people pleasing, and fear of not being liked?

Now is the time to create that space. What resentment are you holding onto and can you bless it and let it go? What grief needs to be felt? What anger needs to be acknowledged?

Wild woman- let yourself GO there! An energetic clearing occurs when you embrace all of your emotions and facets of the feminine: your joy, your beauty, your pain, your rage, your sorrow- all has a purpose. Your mess is beautiful. Your breakdown is beautiful. Just like the moon flows through phases, your menstrual cycle has phases and so do your emotions.

When you let the rivers drip from your eyes, the fire heat up in your belly, and your breath elongate, you root even deeper into the wholeness of who you are as womb-carrier.

This is your way of releasing pent up repressed emotional energy. This also helps you release for your lineage- your mother-line. It helps you truly know yourself.

As you empty what’s stagnant through breathing, sounding, dancing, witnessing, you MAKE SPACE. In this space, a softening occurs, an understanding and openness. Epiphanies can come through, you have access to new visions for the month ahead. Hold those visions close to your heart.

This is your power. A shedding and letting go. You prepare for your rebirth after you bleed- to create something new. A claiming.

How will you choose to honor your Please Make Space next cycle?


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Allie McFee


Allie McFee is a Women’s Health Educator, Hormone Balancing Chef, Red Tent Facilitator, and Certified Tantric Practitioner. She helps busy…

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