Your Higher Purpose, Based On Your Zodiac Sign…

Your Higher Purpose, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Have you ever wondered what is the meaning of your life? Why do you exist?

My challenge is to uncover mysteries using tarot, as long as I keep in control and practice discipline. When I consistently did this purpose, I will learn the lesson of feeling satisfied and contented, as my degree with finance and studies in tarot will feed my soul.

To fill such role, I want to help you elevate your consciousness. I shuffled three cards that will explain your challenge, resource, and lesson in life. This is a technique I learned from Tarosophy Squared: Recovering the Spiritual Dignity of Tarot by Marcus Katz.

Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)

The Knight of Wands says that your challenge is to chase something that will bring colors to your life. Follow it despite your anxiety. You’re nervous now but that is only because you think you won’t be able to get it. Trust me, it’s not wishful thinking. The Three of Cups is telling me that you should draw your creativity upon your emotions. Express what you feel, your ideas are not meant to be stored in your brain. Share them to the world! This will help you contain your anxiety until you won’t feel like you’re drowning anymore.

By doing all of these, Eight of Swords tells us that we would learn our limits. You might mess up in the process, but you can always try again. Imperfection is a reminder that we need constant improvement. You’re boring if you’re perfect. Some of you are artists, singers, content creators, and writers. You’re a bit clumsy and messy, but that’s the fire in your nerves. You’re bound to move and create according to your passion. Blue is an important color. Watch out for the numbers 3, 8, and 11. You will realize your higher purpose at the age of 24, you will fulfill it on the age 37 1⁄2 and 38 until you reach 83.

Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)

Five of Swords suggests that life is a constant battle for you, a survival mode where you dream of rising to the top. It also tells me that you will feel like you are left behind among your peers. You will question your own timeline, asking why others have achieved such goals at a younger age. Though that is not really the case, and you are often chasing for new experiences that others are jealous of, after all. It could be that you are in the business field. You are a risk-taker, which is impressive. You believe the answer is always a 50% – whether it’s a yes or no. That implies you have firm thinking.

Ten of Wands reveals your competitive side is always a winner. Once you set your mind onto something, you won’t be satisfied unless you got it. That’s a reliable trait of you that you should never discard. The World tarot card reveals to us that finishing a goal is the achievement itself. That the sweet victory is earned from you not giving up. Your higher purpose is to conquer your world. May it be the business world, the entertainment world, or the fashion world.

Look forward at all times, and put your head down humbly once you fulfilled your higher purpose. Watch out for the multiples of five, such as 10, 15, and 50. You will realize your higher purpose at age 21 or 26 and you will fulfill them once you’re 31. Percentages such as 24% and 48% are also signs from the universe. Dates such as February 1 and 10, April 2, and October 5 are also important.

Air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)

The Fool tarot card indicates that your higher purpose sweetly caught your interest. Like a Christmas on a desert, it feels unreal and it’s definitely still faraway but you can’t help and dream about how would it feel. It would be a challenge because you don’t know a thing about your higher purpose. Maybe you knew a few, but it would feel like you’re still ignorant once you started taking it seriously. King of Swords is the card of mastery. You were once a fool, but now you’re an expert! You will really immerse yourself on this passion. Some of you would get your masters or doctorate degree. Your ability to rely on your acquired knowledge will be your strength. Ace of Pentacles says that you will learn how to manifest abundance and prosperity. It suggests that money will come in as a reward for your hard work. A new job opportunity or a promotion will happen.

The story of your life would feel like this: trapped in the hot, barren desert, then you will find a greener pasture, and finally, you will find comfort and security in your own home. Don’t hesitate to reach for support for you can’t get there alone. Find a mentor. Some of you are probably taking an interest in code and programming because 0 and 1 are binary numbers. Patterns of 0 and 1 is related to your high purpose but it doesn’t have to be about computers. 13 is your lucky number, too. Some of you are businessmen, engineers. It could be anything under sun and you’re the main character.

Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)

The Chariot challenges you to move forward! Going with the flow won’t cut it, you won’t find it unless you look for it. Don’t procrastinate nor fall into laziness. The ability to appreciate romance and give devotion to your interest is impressive. You can draw strength from being a hopeless romantic. The Knight of Cups urges you to go ahead and romanticize your life! You are the main character. Two of Wands assures that the lesson to be learned would be having no shame. Exploring, going on an adventure, and experiencing new things is the only way you can ever gain inspiration. Sitting at home or simply reflecting on your ideas won’t do the trick.

Some of you would pursue vlogging or creative writing. Some of you are really into DIY, whether that be baking, cooking, or arts and crafts. Travel careers such as tour guides, flight attendants, and pilot is on the cards too. Orange is a lucky color. Lucky days would be February 7, March 5, and July 2. Lucky numbers are 2, 5, 7, 9, and 14. You will start working on your higher purpose at ages between 27 to 29 until you reach the age 72.

What resonated with you? Let me know!


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