You Think You Have a Problem…

You Think You Have a Problem

Problems are a construct of the mind and the mind is your Ego. The problem is you think you have a problem. The mere sentence alone reveals the obvious. You thought your problem into existence. If you did not think it, the problem would not exist outside of your thought, therefore, it would not be your problem or a problem at all. My definition of the word problem: a problem is a misguided thought attempted by you to use your amazing imagination to self-sabotage. Do you get it? If you have no thoughts, you have no problems.

Is it really that simple? It can be. You are the vessel that which consciousness flows through.  All thought is simply a filter we put on our consciousness. Any thought filter will give you problems because it tries to cage the infinity of who you are with labels called words. Words never truly capture the essence of your pure consciousness.

Here’s a perfect example:

My client stated she was out doing some community service and met a street sweeper. He stopped to talk with her. As they were talking, he told her his main problem: no one listens to him because he is a street sweeper. She then described his amazing wisdom to me. She asked me if I could believe that no one would listen to him and she wanted to help him with his problem. She wanted his wisdom to be heard. But she didn’t know how.

When you approach a problem as a problem you get more problems. That is problem consciousness. Problem consciousness does not bear solutions nor can you recognize them right at the moment you acknowledge the problem.

I mentioned her she already helped him and there really was no problem. There never was a problem but neither of them could see it. She was puzzled. Are you? Let’s look at the story.

The man said no one listens to him but yet that is what my client did. She listened intently to him because she could repeat his story to me. However, she didn’t listen to listen. She only listened to respond. She missed the opportunity to end his problem at that very moment by simply stating, “I’m someone, and I’m listening to you now.”

Being aware and present, in the Now Moment, is always the solution to every perceived problem you have thought of in your mind. The Mind is Your Ego. Ego cannot nor does not exist in the present moment of Now. Ego only exists in the past and projected future. It creates problems that do not exist to prevent you from seeing the truth in the now moment.

The man’s Ego told the story of not being heard while at that very moment he was being heard. He still thought he had that problem. Imagine what he could be sharing if time was not wasting explaining a problem he did not have.

Your solution is always in the Now Moment. At the very least, in the Now moment, you can stop thinking. Go to the “Realm of No Thought.” Just be! Just feel! All thoughts are an illusion. Yes, some thoughts give way to powerful illusions. However, whatever you think your problem is, simply know that the opposite is your real truth and your Ego is creating the problem so you never realize that truth underneath the problem. Truth and all degrees of lack exist simultaneously through the Universal Law of Polarity.

You can spend your life explaining, clarifying, quantifying, and justifying your problems (or excuses, or past stories, or personal history or limitations etc) or you can begin to realize right here right now: None of it is true, nor has been true. If you keep the illusion up with thoughts it will appear to be. This is the definition of a self-fulfilling prophecy. Problems do not exist, there is nothing to heal. if there is no thought, there is no story, only right here right now.

The Universal Law Of Polarity states that there are no opposites.   Each topic is a pole with two ends.  One end is “the absolute” and the other end is the “lack of the absolute.”  In order to reach the other end of the pole, one must begin to subtract from the absolute until the total lack is reached.  For example, on the Pole of Temperature cold is not the absolute of hot.  Cold is the lack of Heat.  There are many varying degrees of lack of heat until your reach cold.

The same is true of our above topic of problem and solution.  The solution is “the absolute” because subtracting from it creates the problem.  Thoughts are the way for you to subtract.   In order for lack to exist, the absolute must be present in order to subtract from it simultaneously.

Just imagine us you stopped telling your old story.

Just imagine if you gave up needing reasons to tell why you are broken, damaged, not enough or need fixing.

Just imagine what’s hidden all that Illusion of thought?

You will never think your way to the Higher Realms of Consciousness or what I call the Realm of No Thought. These higher consciousness levels are the levels where words and thoughts do not exist. Your entry ticket is feeling.

My Divine Inner Guidance has taught me: “Every moment is perfect. I AM every moment! I have everything I need right here right now and if I need more in this moment it would be here or arrive in and on time. If it is not here, it is not needed.”

It’s time! Give up your old story! Come join me in learning how to eliminate thought to Create Space℠! Learn how to enter Higher Dimensions of Consciousness through Creating Feeling Space.

One Love,

Denise B. Povernick

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