You Survived It

There was a time in my life where I went through a very traumatic situation where someone close to me, not only lied to me for two years, but also caused me to lose everything I held dear to me. Everything I had built up to move my life forward. Lost memories, personal belongings, car…and they not only did this to me, their actions negatively impacted a member of my family. I found myself in a very low place – questioning God, questioning myself…angry at the world…furious at the person that caused me harm.

I only stewed in the aftereffects of what was done to me. I couldn’t sleep or think clearly. My mind explored all the reasons I couldn’t get through this situation on my own, and that goes against everything I talk about as it pertains to the Law of Attraction. You see, the Law of Attraction, to paraphrase, simply means that anything you give your energy to, you draw it to yourself.

By only focusing on the negative impact, I hindered my growth and progress to move on and FORWARD. I had to shift my mind from the trauma and focus my energy on what was to come – WHICH WAS TO EXCEED RESTORATION.

If you get a moment, go back and check out a live I did called “Exceeding Restoration” on my Facebook page. Hopefully it can help you.

What was restored? First of all my peace-of-mind, and once that was restored, everything else began to fall into place. So, I want to you to operate in gratitude because for every negative experience we have had, we have to celebrate the fact that we survived it.

Now that I’ve told you my story, I want to share how life is coaching me that in order to get over trauma, I must do the following:

  1. Come out of isolation
  2. Seek professional assistance
  3. Join a support group
  4. Face the situation head-on
  5. Exercise, exercise, exercise
  6. Stay away from anything that we use as a coping mechanism

I know we may feel “stupid” for allowing someone to get over on us or mistreat us. We live with the guilt of what’s happened – even when it was not our fault. You didn’t make him touch you inappropriately. You didn’t cause her to hit you. You are not ugly. You are not worthless. You ARE lovable. You ARE capable. You can, you will, YOU ARE…


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Tamara M. Allen


Tamara M. Allen is a motivational speaker (T. Allen Speaks™) who seeks to uplift and empower people to grow and…

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