You Have To Live With Yourself…

You Have To Live With Yourself

Don’t be a sucker. Be selfish. It’s okay to put yourself first. However, that seems to be frowned upon in today’s society. Let them frown. Because you have to live with you. 24/7. You are the first and last love…at least you should be. But what so many don’t realize, is that by putting yourself first, you actually will be able to love other people properly. By showing up as your true and authentic self, you are in fact allowing other people to be themselves. And how beautiful to be in a relationship without a mask.

Today’s task, get rid of the mask. Don’t be who others think you should be. Be who you were born to be. In a social media society, many lose themselves trying to be an influencer. You want to influence someone, how about you start with yourself? How about acknowledging all the BS that you survived, and still have the the ability to love. That your heart didn’t turn to stone, and that you still have love to give. When you show up as yourself, you will glow up as yourself. And that’s just beautiful.

When I talk about beautiful things, how many of us include ourselves in that category? Not too many I imagine. But why? Well, I think that many of us are seeking outside validation. And there is nothing wrong with that. Me included. Who doesn’t want to be accepted and told nice things by others? But brother, for me…if getting validation from you requires me to go against my moral code, well that ain’t going to happen. Because I would rather stand alone as myself, than stand with others not knowing myself.

Be selfish. You’re all you got. And everything that you have done that you are not proud of, be accepting of that too. Because we teach people the way that we need to be loved. And if we’re hiding who we really are, they are in fact loving someone your are not. We all come as a package with both good and bad things. And nothing that you’ve done, is too far beyond love. But you have to believe that, in order to get that.

So be selfish. With your time, love and space. Because you have to live with you. 24/7. Sure you can deny that. But eventually, that is one truth that we will all learn. Don’t waste another minute on the other side of that truth.


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Vance Larson


I am a retired crisis counselor of 20 years who has spent the last decade working as both a Life…

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