You Can Face The Covid-19 Pandemic With Precaution, Patience & Prayer…

You Can Face The Covid-19 Pandemic With Precaution, Patience & Prayer

Veer is happy

Mumma is around ,

School is off,

There is no homework,

Veer is happy.


Flowers are blooming,

Birds are chirping,

Grass is greener,

Earth is happy.


Sky is more blue,

Nights are star studded.

Fresh air flowing,

The sky is happy.


We are cleaning together,

We are cooking together,

We are praying together,

We are happy together .

– Dr Madhur Arora (Veer is her young son).

Coronavirus is an infective agent which causes Covid-19 (Corona virus disease 2019). It causes respiratory tract infection. Covid-19 started recently from Wuhan province of China and now has involved more than 150 countries. Covid-19 spreads by droplet in air and by contact. Social distancing is the basic factor to contain the virus. Common symptoms are fever, cough with coryza, headache and bodyache. It can also have throat pain and shortness of breath and neglected cases can develop pneumonia. If the disease is not in control then it can eventually lead to multiple organs failure and death. The symptoms are usually mild and common, which leads to negligence and delayed diagnosis. Death rate at present is 3.4% but it can reach upto 15% if the patient has some comorbidities like diabetes, hypertension, heart and kidney diseases. Respiratory droplets are produced during coughing and sneezing which affects other persons. The time taken from exposure to infection and development of symptoms is about 2 day to 2 weeks but at an average is 5 days.


Covid -19 spreads by droplets in air and by contact. Preventive measures are

1. Use of face mask – N95 masks are not required by general public, only health care workers and who directly care for infected patients. Others can use ordinary three layer cotton mask.

2. Social distancing,

3. Hand wash with soap for 20 seconds,

4. Quarantine or Self Isolation , if one is exposed to a Covid-19 patient or a suspected case, then should be in self isolation at home for 14 days from the time of last exposure. If one becomes symptomatic then should seek medical care

5. There is no treatment & Vaccine is still not available , but expected in the next few months. So for now only symptomatic and supportive treatment is given to the patient. The virus is spreading between individuals by droplets produced by coughing , sneezing and talking. Heavy and bigger droplets fall on ground but lighter and smaller droplets remain suspended in air for some time. People who are asymptomatic can also spread the infection.


Patience is a great quality of being able to stay calm and not get angry , especially when there is a difficulty or fearful situation or a threat . How rightly Sama Veda describes it – ‘ Dawn , the daughter of the Sun , advancing and dispelling darkness is seen by all. It removes the darkness of the night by it’s appearances. Goading men, it spreads light, only one has to keep patience for the night to pass.’

People are learning from each other and adopting changes which are beneficial to others also. This social learning which is producing changes in our lifestyles and improving it. Covid-19 has taught us that even in dire emergency we have to be calm and undisturbed. It has taught us that we require both physical fitness as well as psychological strength. We have to keep ourselves and family safe and healthy.


During Covid-19 pandemic , we are feeling the importance of our lives. We are rediscovering ourselves, who and what we care for, and what is the purpose of this life. Our belief in prayers and meditation has increased. People are helping each other . People are preferring to fulfill others basic needs by controlling their own wants. We are now understanding that life is beyond materialism. The spiritual guru, Deepak Chopra writes that “Your soul is the most intimate part of you. In the world’s wisdom traditions have taught that inner peace and joys are available only through looking inwards. The Indian Vedic says that Ananda or bliss lies at the heart of creation. He advices the following ways to improve your soul . Having a sense of meaning and purpose; Love and being loved. Self- esteem, a sense of your own growth. Tapping into the inner peace and joy. Being of service to others. Generosity of spirit.

Keep Safe , Stay Connected.


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