You Are Enough…

You are Enough…What does that mean? You’ve had enough? You ate enough? You make enough money? You know enough? It means you are Enough as you are. Exactly as you are in this moment. Which means that all the things I mentioned above, are automatically Enough as well. In every single moment, everything that you have, know, are—is Enough to give you the state of happiness that you so desperately are trying to get to. But, here’s the irony. The mind will never accept that it has everything it needs in each moment. The ego mind is a busy bee, quite insatiable, and it will constantly feed you the ideas that it’s not enough. There’s nothing wrong with the ego mind, it’s there playing its role, doing exactly what it’s designed to do—protect you.

The ego mind is very creative. It’s an incredible shapeshifter. It’s very good at creeping in and presenting the worst possible scenario based on the past experiences of this life and previous ones. It will have you believe that if only you had more of something, you would be perfect, at ease, happy. So, you go ahead and listen to the story your mind has fed you, follow its advice, and do what needs to be done. For a moment, you feel satisfied, but it’s a fleeting feeling, because, once again, the ego mind can never be satisfied. It’s programmed to be that way, to want more. The scenarios of this game are very diverse. For some of you, it’s money. If only you made more money, you would have everything you want–you would be happy. For others, it’s beauty. If only you were prettier, younger, firmer in the right places and smoother in others–you would be happy. For others, it’s titles and the power that comes with them. If only you were one step higher on the corporate chain or any chain for that matter–you would be happy. For others, it’s knowledge. If only you could get more accreditation and degrees, you would finally be recognized and happy. And for others, it’s spirituality. If you only you were more enlightened, more awakened and actually save humanity, you would be happy. And the list goes on.

What do all these pursuits have in common? They are all rooted in acceptance. We want to be accepted by our fellow humans. The game is perfect. When we are born, we forget our connection to Source. That scary feeling of emptiness and disconnect is automatically directed toward the outside. We look to the outside for validation and acceptance. All to know that we exist, that we are worthy to be here. It starts with our parents, then teachers, peers, friends, lovers, co-workers, etc.

It’s an endless cycle. Everybody is doing it. It’s perfect. There’s nothing wrong with it. It is Creation, after all. However, humanity has been in this cycle for a very very long time. And I think we are tired of it. Call it Awakening, Ascending, etc, you are starting to see there’s another choice to this game. And the choice is—I’m Enough. Enough the way I am in this very moment. If I’m not Enough for the world, then so be it. It’s very hard to accept that you are Enough, when you are so used to thinking the opposite all your life. It’s hard, but it’s doable. It takes honesty, brutal honesty with yourself and others, and the knowing that you really don’t have to do anything in this very moment, because you are Enough as you are. Accepting you are Enough, automatically ceases the cycle, because you are aware of it.

You were chosen to exist, therefore, you are allowed to walk this Earth your way, and know that it’s Enough.


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Svetlana Moser

Hi guys, I’m Svetlana 🙂 Welcome to my world!

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