Yoga – The Key To De-Stressing From All The Academic Stress…

Yoga – The Key To De-Stressing From All The Academic Stress

“Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.” — The Bhagavad Gita

If it is one thing that most adults wish for is to go back to school and college days so that they can be more active and youthful. It is true to assume and believe that students during their school and college days have the gift of youth very much on their side, but having said that it is also true that even with the abundance of youthfulness, they are not spared from the pressure of stress and turmoil.

Most of you must be wondering just how their life is so dominated by stress and pressure? Well, imagine this! Sitting on a desk for almost 7 hours, studying back to back a tone of different subjects, preparing for your exams and not to forget working on the hordes of assignments and project work – believe it or not, it does it gruelling and difficult none the less. All this is something that they find while they are in school, however, there is the added pressure of all that happens on the family front as well. It won’t be incorrect to say the students these days have a lot on their mind.

On the academic front, it is true that students face constant pressure and one that can not be avoided most of the times. Slowly and steadily most schools are understanding that along with focusing on the Intelligence Quotient (IQ), it is important to focus on a child’s Emotional Quotient (EQ) as well. This has now become possible thanks to schools now introducing Yoga as a regular exercise for students and teachers both. In fact, when it comes to the easiest ways of getting rid of any stress and pressures, yoga is the only way out. Here are the reasons why yoga needs to be a regime made compulsory in all schools.

“Practicing yoga and taking these mindful pauses throughout the day is like hitting the reset button, for all of us. I was going to leave teaching I was so overwhelmed. Not anymore.”- teacher and expert at GoAssignmentHelp

Reduces Stress and Anxiety: there is no surprise that one of the biggest ways Yoga helps with reducing stress and anxiety. There is so much that both students and teachers have to endure that often all they need is a pause button to sit and relax and sort of get a refresher. Yoga gives that time to disconnect from everything else and reconnect with yourself.

Yoga your way to better Memory and Attention Span: the biggest concern these days is the fact that increasingly both young adults and students have the shortest attention span and decreasing memory. Since Yoga is a way of connecting to the spiritual self, it gives you time to detach and think about things that really matter and this, in turn, gives you an opportunity to increase your memory power by working on your cognitive abilities. Students who practise Yoga regularly have already reported lower signs of anxiety and better signs of attention.

Steer your way away from Obesity: one of the major concerns is the growing level of children and young adults who come face to face with concerns of obesity. With fast food and easy food on the rise and time always acting as a matter of constraint, obesity has steered its way into so many students life that it is not even funny any more. The moment there are the initial signs of obesity it can add up to bigger health concerns such as heart attacks.

Become more flexible and improve your body posture: slumped walking postures, and arched backs burdened with a load of carrying heavy school bags, is something that one sees increasingly. One slow yet assured way of correcting this is by regularly doing Yoga. Yoga helps students by correcting their body postures and helps restore and bring back the equilibrium in the body.

Inner Peace and mindfulness: Flashback to the famous animation movie Kung Fu Panda and you will recollect the scene when Master Oogway sat doing Yoga and asking for inner peace. Well, this is just one of the most valid reasons why schools need to make Yoga a more regular practice. With so much happening around students at all times, everyone is more concerned with the outer appearance and not many are concerned with the mental state of mind. This is when Yoga comes in and saves the day. Yoga helps with decluttering the mind and this, in turn, helps people become more mindful and aware of the things that happen around them.

Time to get back in Control: with all the craze of the hectic schedules and monotonous life patterns students often feel that their life is going out of control. Yoga helps in strengthening your breathing patterns and this, in turn, helps students get some form of control over their lives. With better control over their mind and a sense of peace instilled, it will help students focus better and will also improve their attendance in school. Students will be able to concentrate better and there will be a considerable increase in their grades as well.

The gift of Yoga are endless and students and teachers both can benefit a greater deal as long as it is executed well and practices regularly. Just like homeopathy, the effects of Yoga comes with time and trust. Students these days are loaded with immense pressure and the only way of gifting them a life of good health filled with academic excellence is by instilling them to practise and believe in Yoga. Yoga is a way of recuperating and disconnecting from the rest of the world and concentrating on YOU. This is exactly how Yoga helps students by relieving them of undue stress and pressure.


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