Yoga: The Foundation Of Health…

Yoga: The Foundation Of Health

Yoga’s Power

The purity of Yoga remains a time-honored system of self-care.

For thousands of years, the true art of Yoga has focused on the spine, the central core of our energy.

There is strong evidence that a healthy back contributes to a healthy and vibrant self.

Our spine is a lifeline for balance and well-being. In our fast paced and goal driven lives, we do not take time to focus on the moment.

Yoga provides us this moment, if we’re willing to take the time to devote to it.

It gives us the ability to transform ourselves, if we only take the time for daily devotion to the practice.

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The Essence of Yoga

Yoga is not just about doing yoga poses (asanas), it really is about breathing.

Unfortunately, most of us are shallow-breathers.

One of the elements of Yoga is the ability to use our lungs to breathe deeply; and yoga is not Yoga unless we incorporate the breathing into our asanas.

This breathing can eliminate stress, and even reduce or eliminate anxiety and tension.

Deep breathing creates the ability for the body to relax, making the poses (asanas) more meaningful and productive.

Learning to breathe deeply takes practice.

The commitment to our breathing is an essential aspect of our yoga practice.

Transformation to Health

Many of us have a real disconnect between our minds and bodies.

We are a society that holds materialism and self -indulgence in high regard. This mind-body disconnect is suffered by many!

Yoga teaches us that true health and happiness comes from within. Yoga is not about the poses; it has a deeper spiritual meaning.

The ancients have past along this honored system to transform our mind, body and spirit. It is up to us to continue to study and practice this most sacred system.

Yoga should be shared with others, who seek ways to improve their health.

We honor the ancients if we encourage and share the benefits of Yoga with others.  As Mahatma Gandhi quoted,

“ The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others”.

We should all encourage the health of others by being examples of how Yoga can transform someone’s life.

Guiding others to the art of Yoga is beneficial for all beings.


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