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Yoga & Meditation Teacher Training

Yoga, meditation , and spirituality. If you’re trying to find a widely wanted destination where these prevail in every nook and corner , then Rishikesh, in India is that the place to be! This humble town along the banks of the sacred Ganges is home to a good array of yoga schools and yoga ashrams where you may find peace and solace while at the identical time find your real self too! While being presented with a good choice of yoga schools and ashrams, it becomes a necessary factor to seek out out which one is supposed for you or in other words which one is best suited to your needs.


Yoga or “yuj” (a Sanskrit term originally) means to affix. Thus yoga harmonises the body and mind thereby bringing a self-enlightenment.

Yoga – beyond the traditional

It may be surprising to grasp that the topic of yoga is really different from the traditional perception that assumes yoga merely as a type of physical exercising via postures , which isn’t so limited as really. Yoga is primarily a way to attach the individual together with his inner soul (atma) which successively is related to the greater soul (paramatma) or divine.

Yoga and Rishikesh

Being the ‘Yoga capital of India’, the luxurious forests and also the holy river banks of the sacred Ganges are the many spots where saints, sages and spiritual leaders (gurus) have accomplished and perfected for several years, the good art of yoga and meditation. it’s during this humble land of India that travelers and yogis from everywhere the planet are available search of the traditional wisdom and secrets of the yogic sciences and to be told and practice the art under its divine atmosphere.


The word meditation is English translation of Sanskrit word (dhayan) which suggests awareness so therefore the aim of meditation practice is to free the human from the grip of past and future compulsive thinking and being tuned in to this moment.

Present moment isn’t a part of our collective memories, it’s space-less, it’s time-less, it’s raising from universal energy. Energy and conscious are one word not cut loose one another. Being tuned in to present is to being tuned in to force (prana) our real identity, when our whole being become one with Prana, we attain blissful conscious state, this can be called thoughtless state, this can be called inner awakening, this can be the state of meditation and this can be meditation.

Often people ask, who are we ? If we don’t seem to be the body nor the mind and no past/ future memories so what are we ?

Meditation and Body Healing

It’s answer is we are vital energy (prana), the body, mind, memories are a awfully small aspect of the vast consciousness. We all living beings and living things are alive due to universal energy, without it our body and mind is nothing but just sand.

We are ready to see the body and feel the body due to the force (prana) following within us which is an element of universal force therefore our consciousness isn’t limited but universal. So to being within the present is to being tuned in to natural flow of breath (prana), it’s key to liberation from the false self (Ego) therefore meditating on breathing is first and final step the trail of meditation.

Rishikesh and yoga teacher training

If you’re feeling the necessity for a stress-buster, and a chance from your monotonous routine life , or maybe a change in your career, then just a vacation isn’t enough. What you actually need are some things more meaningful, reflective and rewarding enough that you just truly deserve. So nourish your soul and enlighten your inner self with an empowering yoga teacher educational program in Rishikesh. And why a YTTC in Rishikesh? Because Rishikesh has that perfect atmosphere that favours the holistic learning and practice of yoga. The tranquility of the place, proximity to mother nature and also the purity of the atmosphere in Rishikesh , are enough to awaken the yogi in you and motivate you to develop your hidden potential and skills as you practice and meditate. You will, after all find innumerable ashrams and yoga schools here that supply internationally certified (Yoga Alliance ) courses on yoga teacher training like Himalayan Yoga Association that believes in providingthe better of yogic education and yoga teacher training for its students.

Rishikesh – an entire yogic journey

The concept of wellness and travel might not be new , but you’ll yet plan a visit definitely worth the glide by adding Rishikesh to your bucket list this Christmas. Gain a life changing experience and make the foremost of it through yoga teacher training in Rishikesh.


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