Should Yoga & Meditation Be Practiced In Schools? One School’s Experience May Change Your Mind…

Should Yoga & Meditation Be Practiced In Schools? One School’s Experience May Change Your Mind

For quite a while we’ve known that the benefits of yoga and meditation are powerful tools.

We can clearly see they change the brain in significant ways, as well as keeping the body in terrific shape.

And these benefits don’t just work for adults; they span across all age spectrums. Anyone can practice.

Interestingly, you could actually make an argument that these eastern practices have more of a lasting effect on children’s brains because they’re still developing.

Not only that, but the calming effects could be very useful in a school setting where children are often asked to sit for long periods of time.

And as it turns out, educators are noticing…

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Slowly but surely, yoga has been inching its way into schools.

In one such school, Brightwood Education Campus in Washington D.C. made a remarkable step by adding yoga and meditation into their curriculum.

According to The Atlantic, the U.S. Department of Education took note of the benefits of yoga and meditation among school-aged children during their trip to Brightwood.

They were then surprised with the benefits of meditation and yoga among the students.

Incorporating yoga and meditation into the school’s curriculum isn’t new to the U.S. educational system as several schools already took note of the benefit it offers to their students.

Not only did yoga and meditation have a positive impact on the child’s health, but it also impacted their school performance as well:

“After the exercises the students had a chance to sit up tall, close their eyes, and breathe in unison,” an intern of U.S. Department of Education wrote. “Beyond just physical fitness, students and teachers participated in meditation and stretching in order to ease their minds and connect with other people around them. Planting the seed of healthy living at an early age will allow the students to feel more supported as their lives become more stressful both academically and personally.”

Adding yoga to the school’s curriculum encouraged peace and order in the classroom.

According to parents, yoga and meditation help students de-stress after being bombarded with school work.

Yoga and meditation help the students focus on the school work as they are trained to clear their mind and focus on what they are doing.

Several studies backed the reports that practicing meditation helps students focus on school work giving them good grades.

As yoga and meditation continually increase in popularity among school curriculum, students continually improve their grades.

As a parent, teacher, guardian or student, are you in favor of adding yoga and meditation into the school’s curriculum?

Check out this video made about the school!


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