The Lazy-Man’s Guide To The Yogic Diet…

The Lazy-Man’s Guide To The Yogic Diet


For those practicing the various branches of Yoga, the addition of the yoga diet will greatly compliment your yoga asana/ meditation/ pranayama practice creating a well-rounded holistic yogic lifestyle.

The yoga diet also falls into one of the yamas of yoga or lifestyle practices of yoga which is ahimsa, or non-violence.

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What is in the Yogic Diet?

The yogic diet is free of meat, poultry, fish, dairy and eggs.

The diet consists of eating, if available, organic vegetables, fruits, grains, nuts, seeds, legumes, as well as teas and juices.

In classic Yogic scriptures it is known as Mitahara, which translates to moderation in eating.

The yogic diet consists of three well-balanced Sattvic meals.

Categories of the Yogic Diet

This diet categorizes food with three types of qualities.

These qualities are known as Rajasic, Tamasic and Sattvic food.

The yogic diet consists mainly of sattvic food. Sattvic foods are are pure, natural, energy containing, clean, honest, wholesome food.

Eating Sattvic food keeps the body, mind and spirit healthy and vibrant.

Rajasic foods are overstimulating and cause one to feel fatigue, restlessness, and attention problems when eaten.

Tamasic food is heavy causing sleepiness and weight gain.

Go ahead and give the yogic diet a try.

Challenge yourself for a month and see the difference it will make in your yoga practice and your overall well-being!


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