Yoga Is Kicking My Asana…

Yoga Is Kicking My Asana

What comes to mind when you hear the word ‘Yoga’? Close your eyes, and just think about it for a minute.

Maybe you’ve passed by a copy of Yoga Journal at the grocery store checkout line, or overheard some ladies in colorful leggings talking about heading to the studio to practice.

The word YOGA probably sparks a mental image of a bendy human on Instagram making some ridiculous shape with their body. Or, you imagine a room of people reaching for their toes while a teacher speaks about finding inner peace.

Why do the yoga practitioners that you do know go on and on for hours about how Yoga changed their life for the better? What’s all the hype?

If you’re like most, and did in fact envision a person making a funky shape with their body- you are correct in calling that Yoga! But did you know that shape-shifting is only one aspect of yoga? It’s the physical part. The calorie torching, core strengthening, deep stretching part of yoga. And while that is a beautiful benefit to this ancient practice, it’s only a portion of Yoga. This physical aspect of yoga is called Asana.

In Western culture, asana is often mistaken as the whole Yoga package. You arrive at a studio, sweat you’re booty off, and leave feeling better. Was it really because of the calories burned and the hard-core workout? Partially, yes. But chances are, the roots of yoga that aren’t as publicized or well-known were also enacted during a class weather or not you took notice.

The sanskrit translation of Asana is ‘a comfortable seated position’. It is now used to describe all yogic shapes and postures. But remember, this only makes up a tiny fraction of Yoga. This ancient practice is rooted in ‘Ashtanga’, eight paths that serve as necessary components to create the totality of Yoga. Over 1,700 years ago a mystic sage, Patanjali wrote the Yoga Sutras a guidebook to living a happy, healthy, and fulfilled life.

Do you know why yogis started making funky shapes with their bodies in the first place?
So they could sit… comfortably, for the real work- meditation.

A growing awareness and focus on the breath. Aka- mindfulness.

Yoga is creating unity within your divine being- a deep connection with your body, mind and spirit. Once you’ve accessed this connection within your own consiousness, it is easier to unify with the universal consciousness. There is a pervading force of energy that is encompassing all living beings and connecting us to a greater whole. It’s about unpacking all the baggage carried in your mental suitcase and enacting a beautiful way of being called MINDFULNESS.

Close your eyes. Breathe into all that is you. All that is living. All that is divine. Breathe into the unity. The connection. I am you as you are me.
This is yoga.


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Renny Ratliff

Renny Ratliff is a colorful soul who lives to breathe, write, and share the message that we are all beautiful…

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