Yoga For Addiction Recovery…

Yoga For Addiction Recovery

Anyone who practices yoga knows it’s more than mere exercise. Sure, the trendy activity gets your body moving, but it also improves overall health — of the body, mind and spirit. A holistic practice, yoga combats stress, promotes wellness and, for individuals battling addiction, offers a healthier way to deal with triggers — emotional, environmental or social cues that can precipitate a relapse. Here are some key ways that yoga can benefit the process of addiction recovery:

• It boosts energy — The endorphin boost of a good yoga session is a great way to prevent the fatigue that can lead you to crave harmful substances. Instead of feeling exhausted and overcome, you feel empowered and strong. This puts you in a good frame of mind to resist bad habits.

• It calms anxieties — For anyone plagued with fear, doubt, anxiety or similar emotions, yoga is a soothing balm in an emotional storm. It relaxes the mind, helps diminish stress and allows you to recognize your power of self-control.

• It feels good — Practicing the rhythmic breathing and intentional stretches of yoga isn’t only good for your emotional well-being, it also feels great. When you choose to participate in an activity that is enjoyable, stress-relieving and energy-boosting, it can improve your confidence and ability to face the challenges of life.

Its many benefits make yoga a wonderful component of addiction recovery. To learn more about the specific ways yoga contributes to substance abuse healing, take a look at the attached resource.


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