Yoga And Its Benefits


The earliest evidence of meditation has been recorded in Indian subcontinent dating back to 2000-1500 B.C. Harappan seals and Vedic texts depict people seated in meditating postures with the latter having written texts on meditation.

There can different types of meditation like guided and unguided meditation, calming or insight meditation etc.

There is a teacher or mentor in guided meditation who guides us in person or through online meditation classes or applications based on meditation. Such step by step guidance and assistance is very useful for beginners. They can learn every aspect of meditation sitting at home through authentic and trusted trainers available online. While unguided meditation is performed alone in silence without the assistance of any trainer or online meditation classes. .

While practicing calming meditation, the meditator is required to transform into a quiet, peaceful state of mind at utmost solace and better concentration. In most calming meditation practices there is need to focus on a particular asset or object such as breath, a mantra, a visualization, a physical object, even physical sensations within our body — and returning to that object whenever you get distracted or notice your mind starting to wander.

While insight meditation is taken up by practitioners with an intention to transform their minds by mustering up qualities and traits like wisdom, awareness and compassion. Insight meditation involves focusing on the breath and being aware of and noting all the physical and mental sensations that arise.

Meditation has been scientifically proven to impart countless physical and psychological benefits to individuals. Regular practice of meditation helps one to stay optimistic with new vision and perspective even in stressful and unfavourable situations. This also helps in fostering skills on stress and anger management. Meditation helps in awakening of our consciousness leading to increased solace and self-awareness. Increased self-introspection can lead to better decision making for any person. When a person is relaxed and at peace, he/she can focus on the present rather than ruminating about past or future. They can devote all their energy, skill and time to their present thus paving a way to a secured future. Meditation helps us in waving off negative emotions and vibes as it helps in establishing a deep, spiritual connection between our soul and body. It helps in generating patience and perseverance. One becomes more calm, peaceful and patient with regular practice of meditation. Increased focus on self can lead to better imagination and creativity. It can be deduced without a seed of doubt that historical practice of meditation can lead to increased tolerance and generosity as it helps a person to submit their futile ego and anger and move on the path of peace and non-aggression with mutual co-operation and harmony. Meditation can help a person to travel into a deep state of relaxation and tranquil with their minds and soul at utmost solace and calm. During meditation, one focuses his/her attention and eliminate the stream of jumbled thoughts that may be crowding your mind and causing stress. This process may result in enhanced physical and emotional well-being. Thus, meditation is one of the best natural ways to eliminate stress garnered by contemporary fast moving and emotionally draining world. Hence, it can be deduced without a seed of doubt that regular practice of yoga and meditation can do wonders in stress and anger management.

India being the birthland of meditation has numerous meditation centres and schools which exclusively focus on teaching the art of meditation. One of the most prominent meditation centres is the SMH Meditation school. SMH Meditation School, India offers various online as well as in person meditation classes to those interested. There are various programmes being run by it such as Online meditation training, Online Pranayama training, online yoga training, online Ayurveda cooking training, online astrology training, online consultation etc. Currently due to coronavirus pandemic, most of these courses are being run online available globally at nominal cost.

Research and studies globally have deduced that have found that even a short yoga and meditation routine at any hour of the day be it morning/evening or night can render outstanding role in stress management and increased output and productivity. It has been widely accepted that art of meditation and yoga are highly beneficial as apart from physiological benefits and fitness they lighten the mood of an individual, triggers release of happy hormone which in turn makes a person cheerful, positive, compassionate, aware and empathetic. Yoga reduces the stress induced cortisol level in human body which puts our mind and body at rest. This in turn helps in getting sound sleep. Sleeping well rests our body well and in turn helps us in mustering up strength for a healthy and energetic day ahead. Regular practice of meditation can help in the improvement of many underlying medical problems. It helps in increasing our concentration power, thus helping us to work efficiently. This is especially helpful for students who are required to sit for continuous, long hours to study with utmost concentration and efficiency. Meditation helps to cure different kinds of allergies by boosting the immunity system. Its regular adoption and implementation also aids in mitigation of asthama symptoms thereby providing relief to the patients. Meditation along with yoga reduces stress and anxiety thereby lowers our blood pressure. Lowering of blood pressure helps in normal blood flow in human body and prevents heart attacks, blood clotting, nerve burst or nerve damage etc. Meditation musters self-control and patience in a person. This enables any person to quit habits like smoking, drinking etc. It may also impart a significant role in containing addictions like gambling, drugs etc. Meditation is believed to train a person physically. It helps a person to maintain a healthy Body Mass Index (BMI) or height to weight proportion, thus wards off global problems such as obesity. This also helps in increased muscle strength and flexibility which multiplies overall body strength and health. It also helps to heal body aches and weaknesses. Apart from above mentioned benefits, meditation also helps in delaying the process of ageing, thus making people look younger and attractive than their age.

Overall, it can be easily concluded that India is the land of historical and healthy practices of yoga, meditation and spirituality. It can be clearly seen with the establishment of schools focusing solely on these arts. India has also proved this time and again to the world by laying bricks to celebration of International Yoga Day on 21st June every year.

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