Why You Should Do Your YTT At A Yoga Retreat…

Why You Should Do Your YTT At A Yoga Retreat

Before I signed up for my Yoga Teacher Training (YTT), I heavily contemplated between going the more traditional route and doing my training through a studio for a 3 to 6-month period, or going through an intensive training to really immerse myself into yoga and the teachings at a destination retreat center.

Ultimately, I decided to spend 3 weeks in Hawaii solely focused on yoga to obtain my 200-hour teacher training certification, and I’m so happy this is the route I chose for my first YTT experience. If you are considering going through a YTT program, here are some things you may gain from escaping society and focusing solely on yoga for nearly a month:

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You’ll connect with like minded people

In a matter of three days, despite being from all around the world, we all already felt like family and it was really magical to see and experience. Yoga seems to bring like-minded people together, and getting to converse day in and day out with people you can relate to and with open minds is deeply stimulating. You will definitely come back with new knowledge, cherished conversation, and even new perspectives, not just related to yoga.

You’ll get to fully absorb and immerse yourself into yoga

One of the best parts of doing it through a retreat, is I didn’t have the stress of regular, everyday life. I wasn’t battling traffic to get to my teacher training, having to focus on school and work at the same time, and so on. If you typically have a busy life, you will really appreciate the space to get to slow down and stay focused on yoga, your training, and peaceful surroundings. You’ll be continuing your education every day, so the knowledge will really start to sink in quickly, and it will allow you space to not get distracted by other life obligations you would otherwise have to deal with in the “real world”.

Change old thought patterns and habits

Disconnecting from society really allows you to tune inward and stay present. You become more aware of your habits and have the space to truly work on yourself and even recognize patterns that may not be serving your higher good. My YTT really helped me to spend less time on my phone and stay more connected to my present moment. It’s a great reset!

Come back with new, daily rituals

While all YTT have rituals they practice, doing them day in and day out really helps these new rituals to sink in and stick, and some of them are more intimate and wouldn’t have been possible in a different setting. Some of my favorite daily practices that I have brought back with me include: Waking before the sun rises to meditate and do pranayama, being in silence and without a phone for 1 to 3 hours in the morning, and bowing anytime I leave and enter my home to honor it as my sacred place. Ultimately, YTT is a life changing experience no matter which route you choose. But doing mine through a retreat has left a lasting impression on me and created memories and lessons that I will carry with me throughout my life.


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