10 Proven Benefits Of Yoga Superior To Medication…

10 Proven Benefits Of Yoga Superior To Medication

Yoga is an ancient spiritual discipline that strengthens the mind, the body and the soul. The fact that it’s ancient and still popular today is really impressive. By that alone, you can see that there is some truth behind yoga. Not all things are myths you know! Of course, the main reason people take up yoga is that of the benefits yoga can bring to your overall health. Although most people don’t know what yoga can help them with, they are right. Yoga will improve your whole body.

So why should I take yoga classes? Let’s dig in and check what yoga can do.

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1. I want to lose weight

Most of the time, people are looking for a quick weight loss program. Well, yoga can be the answer. Although it may not be as fast as you expected, progress is progress, and with yoga, you can cut some weight in the most natural way possible. No pills needed! Just will and discipline.

How? Well, yoga has its own moves. You will have to learn them and then practice them day in, day out. Don’t worry. They usually aren’t that hard. However, there might be some challenges along the road. Just doing yoga each day for 30 minutes or an hour won’t cut it dough. You will have to maintain a healthy diet plan with that yoga training. If you are taking yoga classes, simply ask your instructor about the food that you should eat.

2. My joints hurt

Yes, you’ve read it right. If you are experiencing any signs and symptoms of joint pain, like swelling, discomfort in that area, basically arthritis, yoga may be the solution for you. Duke University Medical Center did their own research on this and they found five yoga moves that can help you with your joint pain. Those five movements have been proven to be most useful, however, yoga is full of other moves that may help as well. There is another research you might want to check that proves this claim too.

3. I want the best anti-aging tips

You can try certain creams, you can try hot springs, or you can just try yoga. Yoga will destroy your body, your old habits, and build you a new, better one. Breathing, strength, flexibility, and balance are the things you will certainly improve after a period of yoga classes. This will lead to the body you’ve always dreamed of. Most definitely you will feel like your age isn’t relevant anymore, as your body will feel a lot younger than it is.

4. I want to improve my mindset

This is a pretty important one. Yoga improves your mindset, which will have its effect on your belief system, which will then have its effect on your self-esteem. If you are feeling depressed, under the weather, if you think you are in a mental slump and can’t get out, or if you just want to build up that self-confidence, you might want to consider yoga.

Through its moves and breathing techniques, you will learn how to focus and direct your thoughts on certain things. You will learn how to erase negativity from your mind and plant small positive seeds that will grow over time. You won’t see the change, oh no. Pretty soon, you will FEEL the change. Positive vibes will flow through you and people will be able to sense it. Remember, a positive, strong mindset can get you anywhere in life.

5. I want to avoid feeling stressed

This is connected to the previous point. Stress comes from our mind, from our thoughts. Once you learn how to be more positive, how to control what comes into your mind and what comes out of it, later on, you will learn this technique as well. Stress will no longer be a problem as you won’t allow it to hurt you. This is a pretty useful mental technique that will come quite in handy in most problems you will face in the future.

6. I want to get rid of asthma

A recent study has shown that by doing yoga for four weeks, people reduced the usage of their asthma inhalers by 66.7%. Breathing techniques that you will learn in your yoga sessions are the main reason for that.

7. I want to improve my memory

I have mentioned that yoga improves memory and mental strength and helps you with depression, but there is another thing that it can help you with and it also involves the mind. Yoga may be the reason why you will pass your next exam as yoga can give you a memory boost. Some studies have shown that doing Hath yoga for 20 minutes will improve your speed and mental accuracy, your attention to detail and etc.

8. I want more sleep

Guess what, you won’t need those pills anymore as yoga helps with the chronic insomnia problem. Breathing, meditation, daily mantras that you could do before your bedtime are excellent in solving this problem.

9. I want to make my bones stronger

The number one thing you can do is drink milk. Number two thing you can do is do yoga. A combination of these two things will get your bones stronger in no time. Another thing yoga does is that it improves your balance and coordination, which means that you won’t be falling and risking bone fracture anytime soon.

10. I want to reduce my PMS

This one is a game changer, for men. Make your women do yoga! Recent studies have shown that by doing yoga women feel more relaxed and focused, even while they are on their period.


So, as you can see, doing yoga has plenty, plenty benefits that are most definitely useful to everybody. It improves memory, mental health, body flexibility and overall health. If you had any doubts about whether you should do yoga or not, I hope this article helped you clear those out.


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