3 Ways To Bring Yoga To The Classroom…

3 Ways To Bring Yoga To The Classroom


Every day, as teachers and students enter their schools and classrooms, we have quite a lot on our minds. Our lives are busy and there is a chance that we weren’t able to accomplish all that we wanted to over the short weekend. There is also a chance that our students are not feeling their best. One thing to remember is that just because they are children, they do have lives that could be stressful or ridden with anxiety.

That is why yoga is a great exercise to implement in the classroom.

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Children Can Refocus

Teaching yoga in the classroom is a good way to have the children refocus. For example, if your class is getting a little unruly and loud, why not stop and simply take a few deep breaths? This breathing exercise will not only get them to calm down, but they will be able to refocus all of their energy in a different way. If the class still continues to be chatty, why not turn this breathing exercise into a type of game? You can use this to see who can be the quietest for the longest amount of time. This will give the class some sort of initiative to want to focus on their breathing and maintain a peaceful and quiet environment.

Help Set Goals

No matter how young the children in your classroom are, they are never too young to learn how to set goals. Try to get them to focus on their goals during their yoga and breathing. For example, if you have a preschool class and their goal is to learn their numbers up to 30, try to get them to focus on this goal while they are breathing. This will help to open up their minds during the classroom yoga and they may even impress you by learning those numbers.

Restless Students Could Use A Budge

No matter how great your class is, you will always have at least one restless student. This is why adding yoga into your classroom can help them to maintain a calmer attitude. You will notice that by doing yoga and other mindfulness exercises, these high energy students may just surprise you. If you can teach them to focus more on their own mindfulness and their thoughts, chances are they will take a whole new role in the classroom. Yoga is a great form of exercise and a great way to heal one’s mind.

Children can benefit from it as well as adults. You will be surprised how much fun you can have doing it each day too.

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