Yoga For Self-Healing…

Yoga For Self-Healing


You’ve probably heard that love can heal everything. And it’s completely true! But how can love heal every problem we have? And what’s the connection between yoga and self-healing?

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Listen First

When you have anything in your life that needs healing, for example suffering, pain, illnesses, or loneliness, you first need to be aware of where it is coming from. Listen to your body — if you have any problem that needs fixing, then this is your body’s way of telling you that it needs help. This is the language that your body speaks.

Yoga is love and listening. No judgment, no questions, just surrender. If you want to heal your mind and your body, then first you need to listen. Finding the root cause is the beginning of the solution.

Unfortunately, when we have any emotions we can’t handle, or any healthy issues, then we often try to distract ourselves from the problem. But if we look inside and face our emotions, then we can hear what our body is trying to tell us. And then we can heal everything — because when we totally heal one thing, we heal the whole.

I’m not saying it’s going to be easy, but this is your practice, and you’re doing it for your health. We all need to heal our feelings on a daily basis, but if we just try and control our emotions then most likely we will disconnect with ourselves.

How Yoga Helps

Practice on the mat will give us the opportunity to listen to our inner voice. That’s why we call this “practice” — every day is different, you may even hear a different inner voice speaking to you depending on what you keep inside.

So next time when you practice yoga, give a little more attention to anything that’s tighter than normal. Maybe you didn’t even know you are stressed, until you allow your emotions to come out. During yoga practice we connect to our center, and we can access the fullness of who we really are. One of my teachers always said yoga is moving meditation.

I suggest to not try and focus on so many different things at once. Instead focus on just one, for example on your breathing, or on feeling the flow. When you have thoughts come in and fill your mind, just watch them, and let go. This is a wonderful way to experience direct communication with you. The best self-healing starts within you, and when you heal the mind, the body will follow.

Inhale for peace, exhale for love!


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Ayda Ersoy

I believe that the healthy way to eat and live is to see our journey as a learning opportunity. Eat real, fresh food and do what you love. This gives us inner peace, and opens the door to our inner strength. If we heal ourselves then we can help others.

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