Why Yoga Is The Secret Ingredient To Happiness…

Why Yoga Is The Secret Ingredient To Happiness


Maybe it looks like a big paradox, but in times when we could speak with someone who lives thousands of miles away, the biggest issue with so many people is loneliness. And it is not that we stay alone the whole day, it’s actually just the opposite – we work in a room full of people, we walk on the street, and there is the same, we go into the social networks, and there are so many others. The more proper word for this condition would be disconnection; we live in a reality where so many of us feel disconnected from ourselves and the others, and eventually from the process of life.

The word “yoga” means “union” and that’s why it could be called the ‘secret ingredient’ that we all need to find a way to feel the connection again — with ourselves, with the others, with nature and life itself.

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That could be called the first stage of disconnection. We have a problem, and we start thinking day and night about it, not able to find the solution. We all know that this could lead to so many problems but with yoga, we could calm our minds immediately. Meditation is a method that is teaching the mind to observe itself. We sit in silence and just watch the thoughts passing by through our mind. This would help us to find a solution that was totally out of our sight before.


If we cannot find a solution to a problem we might even bond the situation with our emotions and start feeling helpless and desperate. In this next stage of disconnection from our own inner peace, so many people are experiencing an awful time struggling to keep up with their daily life. Using yoga poses, meditation, the float spa which is a great way of relaxation, we could search for the lost moment of peace, just be practicing and completely being in the moment. Yoga is teaching us acceptance and presence. If we find a way how to be our best friend in any situation, life would be better.


If the disconnection is so strong that we could hardly bear the condition, we usually start searching for a fast way to relieve the pain caused by it. This is the reason why so many people are seeking for a moment of pleasure in various addictions. The real cure for any addiction, though, is to be there for yourself. Yoga could teach you how to be present and just observe the situation, completely connected with your mind, body and even soul. When you feel whole inside then you could feel at one with others and the world around.

This ancient system of yoga was built and created so many years ago to help people to stay healthy and happy. We are all searching for happiness, but maybe we are a little bit lost in translation here. We are actually searching for the connection, for the union with all our parts, with the others and with nature. When this connection is restored, then everything else will fall into its own natural place. Yoga is that secret ingredient that will help us build a healthy relationship with everything that is inside and outside. Yoga is such a great tool to have accessible everywhere now, and so many people have found peace and happiness using it.


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Olivia Sanders

Olivia found her love of Yoga many years ago and her classes incorporate a lifetime of self-exploration, nurturing and delighting in movement, breath, energy and sensation. Olivia has a great sense of humor and teaches with joy and enthusiasm, whilst still being grounded. At the same time, classes with Olivia explore the science of the mind, yogic tools, sacred yogic philosophy and techniques with reverence, realism, sincerity and lots of expertise.

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