4 Yoga Poses That Give Surprisingly Good Massages…

4 Yoga Poses That Give Surprisingly Good Massages


Are you craving a massage, but the chances of getting one are slim to none? Don’t worry because yoga can actually provide you the relief that your body and muscles need, without needing to go to a massage parlor.

So pull out your yoga mat and try these variations to find out for yourself!

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Happy Baby

This rocking happy baby massages the low back nicely, especially getting into the tight QL muscles on either side of the spine.

Begin lying on your back and draw your knees into your chest. Then release your legs and press the soles of your feet up towards the ceiling. Grab for the outer edges of your feet and pull straight down so that your legs move towards a 90-degree angle and your elbows come to the inside of your knees. Keep your tailbone rooted and gently press the back of your head against the earth so that your whole spine is elongated. From this place of stability, gently begin to rock side to side.

Bow Pose

Best done on an empty stomach, this rocking variation of the bow pose creates a nice abdominal massage for your internal organs.

Start by lying on your stomach with your forehead on the mat. Bring your big toes to touch and bend your knees, bringing your heels to your glutes. Reach back with your thumbs pointing down, and grab for the outer edges of your feet. Keep hugging your inner thighs towards each other and kick your feet back into the resistance of your hands. Kick more than you pull with your hands so that you begin to rock onto the soft part of your belly. Find a gentle forward and back rocking motion being aware that your knees don’t splay wider than hips-width distance.

Gorilla Pose

This posture is wonderful for stimulating the nerve endings in your hands and your feet. It gives a nice stretch to the wrists as well. You can even play around by wiggling your toes for an extra massage for your hands.

Start in a standing forward fold with your knees bent so that your belly comes towards your thighs and your spine is elongated. Bring your feet and hips within distance with the outer edges of your feet parallel with your mat. Lift up your toes and slide your hands underneath your feet, palms facing up so that your toes meet your wrist creases. Shift your weight forward into your hands so that your hip stack over your heels. Bend your elbows out to the sides and allow your head to hang heavy.

Lizard Pose

This variation is a great way to release tension in the forehead and connect to your intuition.

Begin in a low lunge with your back knee down and both hands to the inside of your front foot. Remember to keep your front knee hugging into your shoulder. Drop down onto your forearms, maintaining length through your spine and not rounding your back. Draw your hands to prayer and allow your forehead to drop so that the space between your eyebrows rests upon your thumbs. Let the weight of your head press into your thumbs as you gently draw circles, massaging your third eye center.


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Anika De Vore

Anika is a professional ballet dancer as well as 200 hr certified yoga instructor. She finds yoga to be the balance needed in the stresses of a rigorous profession. She is awed by the powerful healing qualities of yoga for both mind and body and wishes to pass this experience on to others through her teaching.

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