7 Tips To Make Yoga Into A Career…

7 Tips To Make Yoga Into A Career


People join yoga either to get its benefits or to become a yoga teacher. They adopt yoga so that it becomes their job, while some people don’t know during their yoga teacher training that they were going to teach yoga for a living.

As a new teacher, it is not possible to make a sizable income by teaching yoga. You will have to gain experience and develop your skills to become a successful yoga instructor. When you start teaching, it is possible to have other sources of income so that your lifestyle is still supported as you may have to teach at a low-pay scale to gain experience. When you begin, you should remember to be loyal about what you know or don’t know. You should be confident with the knowledge you have gained thus far. If you don’t know something, accept that.

You can develop your skills over time. But, I want to warn the new yoga teachers about the things that are important to be able to use yoga for a sustainable career. You have to consider these things to become a successful yoga teacher while in the yoga school.

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Be Sociable and Kind

As a yoga teacher, you have to love people and work with them. In this field, the students come from all around the world with many expectations, types, and requests. Being a great teacher, you will have to handle all of them by developing your patience and kindness. You will also have to deal with different kinds of students to teach them complete yoga.

With the teaching of pranayama and asana, you have to be social since it is like a field in customer service.

Need Motivation

Self-practice is important to build a successful career in yoga. It improves your skills and confidence to serve others. You will have to focus on your styles, skills, and perfection with your personal practice. But sometimes, it is not easy to finding motivation for self-practice. You will have to remind yourself that is important for me and I have to do it. You will have to pay attention and keep yourself engaged in yoga.

Don’t Compare to Others

Famous yoga teachers don’t have any incredible gift to share with their students that you can’t also share. You should believe that if you will try to share a soul and love with others, then the people will take the interest. All of us have a unique gift to share and thus, we need to share it from an authentic place.

Knowledge Matters

Knowledge plays an important in teaching since you cannot serve up anything from an empty cup. The theoretical and practical knowledge are both required in this practice. You should have a good command of practical knowledge as well as theoretical knowledge. It will also help you understand the answers to some common questions like, what are the benefits and the name of a particular asana? What is the philosophy behind that asana? 

Improve Teaching and Communication Skills

You don’t know your teaching skills until you get out there and start sharing with others. Use your voice authentically to communicate effectively. Your voice can help set the tone for the class, whether it’s to make t will make your class energetic and bring to a peak. Learning as you go along with your practice is also the best way to gain experience and develop skills.

Make It Your Passion

When you turn your passion into your career, you can do things better. It connects you to your soul, nature, and the community you serve. It will make you happy at your work. Make yoga your passion and turn it into your job. You should not join yoga just for the sake of earning money. It should also be for you and your inner peace.

Improve class management skills

As a yoga teacher, you will have to manage your class. You will have to encourage your students to always work at their best level. Your class management skills ensure good student behavior, learning environment in the class and an overall sense of respect in the class. 


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Jiten Kumar

Jiten is an authorized yoga guru and social change trailblazer. He is the master teacher at Sattva Yoga Academy that offers yoga teacher training courses. Born and raised in Rishikesh, India – the birthplace of yoga; He combines the ancient wisdom of his upbringing with a proactive approach to support the transcendence of the individual and the collective. He also loves to write about yoga, meditation, and spirituality.

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