5 Ways Yoga Can Help You Be a Better Mom…

5 Ways Yoga Can Help You Be a Better Mom


If you ask people who do yoga why they do it, you’ll get a variety of answers. Some may say to increase flexibility and improve posture. Others may say they do it to relax and become more centered. For women who are mothers, practicing yoga may actually help them in their motherhood role. If you’re a mom who’s considering starting yoga, here are 5 ways yoga can help you become a better mom.

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1) Yoga Can Help You Tune into Your Surroundings

Being a mom means you have to have super-human skills when it comes to multitasking and hearing kids over ever type of noise. With so much going on in the background, it can become difficult to tune into the main event. Yoga helps the mind focus and slow down. In order to hold a yoga pose, you need to focus. You can take this skill off the mat and into your daily life with your kids to help you tune into your surroundings.

2) Yoga Can Make You Feel You Are Enough

Yoga teachers will tell you that each practice is your own. It’s not a competition. You just do your personal best. This mentality can hold true for mothers in everyday life. There is so much pressure to be the best mom or a certain type of mom. As with yoga, motherhood is not a competition. Make it your own and do your personal best.

3) Yoga Can Help Increase Patience

Learning a new pose or trying to perfect an old one can get frustrating. That’s why you need to be patient. Being a mother can really try your patience day to day. Learning to be a more patient person can truly help you be a better mom.

4) Yoga Helps Release Endorphins

Endorphins equal happiness. Yoga poses make our bodies stretch and release these happy chemicals. When you feel good, you’re a happier person. Who doesn’t want a happy mom? This is a win-win because you benefit from feeling great while your family benefits from all the good vibes you’re sending out.

5) Yoga Gives You a Time Out

You may have to put your kids in a time out every now and again. But, how many times do we give ourselves one for the right reasons?  Yoga can be our time out. It can be our time to focus on ourselves so that when we return to our families we are energized and refreshed.

If you’ve been on the fence about giving yoga a try, what are you waiting for? Now is the time to strike a pose!



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Kristina Cappetta

Kristina Cappetta is an Emmy nominated TV News Producer turned freelance writer and stay-at-home mom to two beautiful girls. Besides writing for various sites, she hosts her own blog, The Mommy Rundown, where she shares everything from funny parenting stories and advice to product reviews and giveaways. When she’s not writing, Kristina likes to spend time with her family, read, and go spinning. Follow her on Twitter and Facebook!

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