7 Yoga Clichés That Are Actually True…

7 Yoga Clichés That Are Actually True

They say clichés are a way of approaching the truth. But are they entirely true? Probably the fact that they are true but get overused is what makes us worked up about clichés. But, when it comes to yoga, most of these phrases are true. Not convinced yet? Well read on!

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#1 Yoga Improves Flexibility

Yep, this one is quite popular! People say that practicing yoga can make you more flexible. Well, that’s true. However, it is not the same for everyone and depends on the physique and strength of the person. By consistently practicing yoga, one can improve his or her body movements and enhance his or her flexibility. So, the cliché on people getting more flexible with yoga is true.

#2 Mastery Of Thy Breath

Have you ever noticed that most yoga poses encourage the practitioners to breathe or hold their breath? Proper breathing techniques cleanse the organs and stimulate the brain. You will feel a warmth in your core and balance in your system. The process of inhalation and exhalation taught by yoga can offer great health benefits.

#3 Calm In Any Situation

With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, the smallest issues can get us all worked up and make us hyper. Yoga enables you to surrender to the world and the circumstances around you. It makes a person shockingly calm in spite of various disturbances around. Yoga helps to soothe and relax the body and mind and lets one handle any situation sensibly, without getting all rattled up.

#4 Setting Your Intentions

That’s right! It is strongly believed that yoga plays a key role in setting an intention. By clearing your mind and retaining only what is important, it helps you focus properly. An intention is a driving force that helps us focus all our attention on something of value. It guides our actions in a spontaneous and confident way. Yoga helps to set the right intention.

#5 Opens Your Heart

Well, not literally, but yes, figuratively. Yoga can help clear blockages around our heart and open it for those we love. The stretching poses of yoga can expand a person’s capacity to give love to those around him/her. If you are hesitant about loving someone completely, then yoga is the way to go. It can help you express better and love unconditionally.

#6 Listen To Your Body

Your body knows best. If you have ever felt a strong feeling about something, it is probably true. Yoga helps us build awareness by linking our breath and poses in traditional asanas. Often, those who feel a disconnect with their inner self ignore what the body is telling them. Yoga teaches us that our mind, body, and spirit are connected and makes us listen to what our body is trying to tell us.

#7 Spirituality

Yoga clears our mind and helps us think beyond the believable. From astrology to zodiac signs, it all gets real. It makes one think deeply about each of these theories, making us know better about our personality. Finding what connects to us and learning more about it is a trait that yoga instills in its practitioners. I hope you are now convinced about what yoga can do for you. And that certain clichés exist for a reason – that they are true. Each person may have a different experience based on their teachings and abilities, but with more practice, you will be able to relate to each one of these clichés.


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