6 Ways Yoga And Meditation Can Improve Mental Health…

6 Ways Yoga And Meditation Can Improve Mental Health

Mental health and wellness are now in the media more than ever, with COVID-19 pandemic is one of the catalysts. The subject that used to be taboo is now raised by world-class athletes like Naomi Osaka and Simone Biles at the Olympics in Tokyo for the global community to address. So, how do we improve our mental health without impacting the relationship we are in? The answer is simple. Meditation and yoga. There is no doubt these practices can improve not only physical but mental health in many ways. Meditation and yoga go hand in hand. They can help relieve stress and anxiety, improve sleep and allow us to focus on important things in life.

“I have been practicing Yoga for more than 5 years now, and it has significantly improved not only my physical but also mental health”, says Tanya Rak, PR Manager at Taimi

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Team effort

Yes, practicing yoga in a group can help improve social skills. Some psychologists even weaved it into their practice. Yoga teaches people compassion. One of the key emotions to acceptance and understanding. This is a great benefit for relationships as a whole, whether it is a friendship or romantic partnership. Yoga and meditation allow us to accept ourselves and the people around us for who they are. The practices change our perspective from negative to positive. They also provide us with an outlook on how to be thankful for what we have here and now.

Yoga teaches us how to appreciate our bodies and minds. It helps us accept the partners we have chosen, and not attempt to change them to fit society’s ideas of perfect significant others. Appreciating the person we are with and focusing on their good qualities will certainly improve the relationship.

Be In the moment

The practice of yoga helps people stop and smell the roses. It allows us to realize the true meaning of life, the importance of slowing down and reconnecting with ourselves. Meditation and yoga help us be mindful of our emotions, feelings, and thoughts. Allowing ourselves to be present in the moment, to feel the sensations around us will help us understand our partner better.

Meditation gives the ability to focus on internal feelings. It gets us to seek more and learn about the person we are with. Stepping back from the daily grind and breathing together can help put partners back on track in a relationship.

Coping with stress

One of the best-known benefits of yoga and meditation is its ability to curb stress. Today’s world is full of stressful situations, and relationships tend to get the brunt of the stressful environments people currently live in. Whether it is a bad day at work or a short fuse, partners can carry the heavy weight of each other’s stress. People tend to get caught up in their emotions and forget to recognize the impact on others.

Simple breathing techniques can help alleviate stress and anxiety. Yoga and meditation can help release endorphins which promote relaxation. Yoga brings peace of mind to those that practice it. Couples doing yoga together can experience positive benefits on their emotional and sexual health. It can also become a mutual interest for the pair to inspire each other to tackle new challenges or simply relax together at the end of the day.

Getting connected

Meditation and yoga are all about connecting with the inner self. Paying close attention to moves and breathing as well as the state of mind is crucial during yoga. Finding a connection within your body will allow you to connect better with your partner.

People can become distant in relationships, but with meditation, their level of empathy can significantly improve. There is no question that attraction matters in relationships. Thanks to yoga and meditation, maintaining passion and attraction in a relationship is much easier. Yoga and meditation can help people become more loving and compassionate. People who feel happy are proven to live longer, more satisfying lives with lower levels of depression and anxiety. Partners that have a better level of empathy value each other much more.

Raising self-awareness

Yoga and meditation have been proven to raise self-awareness. The ability to understand yourself more provides a unique outlook on dealing with criticism in relationships. When partners relate to their bodies and minds, they are better equipped to handle arguments. Yoga teaches people to focus on their emotions by observing, rather than reacting.

People who meditate regularly seldom overreact during disagreements. They focus on finding ways to improve the situation instead of making it worse. Basically, the more self-aware the person is the better they are at handling conflict. This is why yoga and meditation are great at improving relationships of all kinds.

Open your mind

Yoga releases tension. Frequently practicing meditation and yoga helps people open their minds to new things and experiences in life. People who are open to life are able to process their emotions better. This allows them to communicate effectively and productively, rather than fight with their partners.

There are many great opportunities available to learn to open your body and mind to receive love. One of the best ways to improve the status of your relationship is to find ways to practice yoga together.


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