Why Yoga Is For Everyone

It doesn’t matter if you’re fit or unfit, bigger or smaller, advanced or a beginner, yoga is for everyone. Not all other types of exercise are inclusive. It’s so common for people to simply opt out of any physical activity out of fear they won’t feel accepted. Gyms are notorious for housing big egos, intimidating personalities, and unhealthy competition. I’ve had good and bad experiences at sports and gyms, but never have I once left a yoga class feeling anything but included, supported and accepted. But why?

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Yoga Encourages Taking Different Options for Different Bodies

Every good yoga instructor is trained to be aware of the variety of people in a class. People can be strong, weak, fit, big, small, tall, slender, flexible or injured. Exercises that some bodies can do, others cannot. In some settings, this can be intimidating. Never in a yoga class. Yoga teaches you to accept and embrace your own bod– to utilize its strengths and to take it easy and slowly improve weaknesses. There isn’t a body that can’t do yoga.

There are Always Options

If your body can’t quite grasp a pose or sequence, there is always another option. Yoga instructors are great at showing how to do a pose in a variety of different ways. Beginners, those with injuries or tightness can take an easier option or use propers like blocks, bolsters, and straps. They are still getting the same benefits but at their own level. The more advanced or flexible people can develop their poses further by taking more advanced options. You never have to feel intimidated in a yoga class because you have the option to choose what’s right for you.

There is a Different Type of Yoga for Everyone

Not all of us are going to be great at certain types of yoga. Styles like the faster paced Vinyasa may suit the more athletic and experienced yogis. Others may favor hot yoga, while some prefer the more traditional Hatha practices. Every instructor has a different style too, so if one class doesn’t work for you, another one just might. No matter what type of body you have, you can always find the spiritual side of yoga rewarding. Even for those who aren’t looking for much physical work can take a slower Yin class or just opt for meditation or Yoga Nidra.

Yoga has Zero Judgments

Unlike some other gym activities, yoga is completely accepting. Even if the person next to you is twice as flexible, there’s no sense of superiority. Yoga is a community that is always welcoming of new members. It doesn’t matter if it’s your first class or your 1000th, everyone in that room is happy you are there. If you can’t manage a pose, or you’re just not feeling it that day, it’s fully acceptable to just take a rest. Everyone is there for different reasons and is going to take something different from the class. There’s a lot of love in a yoga class and you can always feel positive about having attended.


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Katherine Ditchburn

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Katherine is an Australian writer. She is passionate about health and wellbeing, with a special interest in yoga for coping.

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