9 Reasons Why Costa Rica Is The Best Destination For Yoga Retreats…

9 Reasons Why Costa Rica Is The Best Destination For Yoga Retreats

“Explored by horseback, foot or kayak, Costa Rica is a tropical choose-your-own-adventure land.” – Lonely Planet

Yoga retreats are excellent for the body, mind, soul, and spirit. It helps you get away from stress and understand yourself and your needs better. If you are planning a retreat vacation for your next holiday and looking for places to go, Costa Rica is an excellent choice. If you are wondering why Costa Rica is the best yoga retreat destination, their convenient visa policy definitely stands out. But there is so much more to this country, that it is indeed a place worth visiting.

1. Get that Passport Stamped

You are already taking a leave and paying to get away for your yoga retreat, why not go a little farther to a new country? Flying to a new place, maybe a different time zone too is an exciting feeling by itself. Getting your passport stamped to enter makes the whole experience even more fun. It just feels more like a real retreat vacation when you attend a retreat abroad. You get to see a new place instead of going somewhere you already have been before. To add to that Costa Rica is one of the safest countries for visitors.

2. It is Absolutely Affordable

Costa Rica is a beautiful and affordable country. With the exchange rate of their currency to the US dollar, it becomes even easier on the pocket. If you are a US citizen, entering Costa Rica is cheaper too, as no visa is necessary. Things and services here are moderately priced which makes it possible to have a fantastic vacation in this country without spending a huge sum of money. With all the affordable yoga retreats Costa Rica has, you will actually be able to enjoy a fancier retreat vacation at the prices you would be paying back home.

3. The Weather is Heavenly

The weather in Costa Rica is absolutely to die for. While it is usually divided into the dry season and the rainy season, you will be surprised to know that it is practically perfect all year round. The dry season offers beautiful tropical sunshine and perfect warm weather to enjoy all the beach activities. However, the rainy season, also known as the green season will offer you spectacular views of nature at its greenest. You will experience extraordinary solitude and beauty, along with lower prices during this season.

4. Witness Nature at its Best

Nature has blessed Costa Rica with the best of its bounties. Covered in rich rainforests, the country is absolutely green and a perfectly idyllic setting for your journey to self. Owing to the warm tropical climate, trees here are mostly evergreen which means you get to experience the lushness of nature even during drier seasons. However, if you want to witness nature in its truest glory, the rainy season is a perfect time. Opting for a retreat in the forest gives you a high chance of spotting some unique fauna such as howler monkeys, deer, etc.

5. Experience a new culture

When you travel to a new country, you get to experience a whole new culture and a different way of life, which is a refreshing experience. Costa Rica has a vibrant and fun culture filled with music, dance, happiness and so much more. The people here have a unique zest for life. By opting for a yoga retreat here, you get more than just yoga. You experience the lovely people, warm hospitality, enjoy the vibrant cultural experiences of this lovely country and go back home with a piece of Costa Rica in your heart forever.

6. Gorge on Delectable Food

The food in Costa Rica is absolutely gorgeous. You are in for a real treat if you opt for a retreat, which has local meals on its menu. If you want to try out more and experiment during your stay, plenty of retreats have excellent multi-cuisine options for their guests, offering a wide variety of food choices for every palate. And yes, if you are a vegetarian, vegan or on a raw food diet, you will find some amazing options too. Every bit of food here is absolutely fresh from the farm.

7. Excellent Yoga Retreats on Offer

If you are looking for an amazing and yet affordable yoga retreats Costa Rica has some of the best ones to offer. A number of renowned and enlightened yogis of the world have opened their own retreats in this country, and they have top-notch programs that you can choose from. Moreover, these retreats also offer an array of exciting services and luxuries to make their guests feel special. If you want to feel pampered, Costa Rica is where you need to be.

8. Yoga on the Beach

If nothing else, yoga on the beach is the one reason why Costa Rica is the best yoga retreat destination. With its huge coastline, there are a large number of beaches in the country and they are absolutely divine. A number of retreats offer outdoor classes on the pristine sandy beach, right next to the bluest sea. It is a soothing experience, which will leave you relaxed. You can dip your toes in the heavenly waters or even take a nice bath in the sea and come back later for a rejuvenating massage. Some retreats also offer surfing classes.

9. It is not crowded

Unlike most popular destinations, Costa Rica is never too crowded. It is still one of the less explored gems of Central America, which has not been commercialized to the point of losing its spirit. This means that you will be able to enjoy your retreat vacation in tranquility and solitude without the barrage of tourists crowding the beaches and other destinations. It is a calm and peaceful country. Some of the retreats are set in such beautiful nooks away from people and crowds that you will feel like you have traveled to the end to civilization.

Thus, to Sum It Up…

Now that you know why Costa Rica is the best yoga retreat destination, it’s time to start planning! It is an absolutely amazing country and you are bound to fall in love with its beauty. Let go of all your worries and enjoy the benefits of your vacation in this beautiful country. Look into the excellent and affordable yoga retreats Costa Rica has to offer and pick a program that speaks to you.


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