Top 5 Benefits Of Doing Yoga With Your Dog…

Top 5 Benefits Of Doing Yoga With Your Dog


Yoga is a great way to give you a peace of mind, heal your thoughts, and so much more. Ergo, why not share this healing experience and state of wellness with your best friend through the practice of Doga? Believe it or not, quite a few poses have been adapted for the purpose of including dogs. There are a bountiful number of benefits when it comes to doing yoga with your dog. You will share an experience together that is unlike any other and create a stronger, more living bond between the two of you.

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Closer Communication and a Better Bond

As previously stated, doing yoga with your dog will bring better connection between the two of you. You will be able to make a closer connection with your dog and calm all distractions that may surround you. Observing the breathing, pace of movement, and overall experience will give your dog a better feel of you, as you will do so with him, too. Practicing yoga with your dog gives you something special that only the two of you will do together, therefore fortifying and strengthening the bond that you share.

Preventing Future Injuries

By practicing yoga with your dog, you’re actually preventing future injuries by increasing strength, flexibility, and overall muscle tone. If you have an aging dog with a health issue, such as arthritis, for example, practicing yoga with him is a fantastic idea. Yoga, overall, helps to influence your performance during physical activities by decreasing the risk of injury. This benefit can be transferred to your dog’s health and overall well-being, too! This is done through major improvement to their range of movement and their body’s circulation.

Decrease of Stress and Anxiety

If both you and your dog suffer with anxiety, or have a life that can be stressful, practicing yoga together will help release tension and stress in the both of you. Both metabolism and respiration will be improved, tension will be released, and your anxieties will practically melt away.  A lot of dogs have a hard time relaxing, no matter what their case may be. If your dog has a similar problem, introduce them to yoga with you. It will no doubt help your dog to change their approach to anxiety, tension, and stress.

The Mellow Effect

If you have a very hyperactive dog that’s constantly full of beans, practicing yoga with them can greatly help bring their energy level down. Yoga relaxes both the body and the mind. Plus, a yoga setting is one that is both calm and serene, which your dog will pick up on. They may not calm down straight away, so give it a bit of time and you are guaranteed to see the difference in their behavior and overall level of energy. Practicing yoga with your dog on a regular, constant basis will help them to calm down more often, as well.

Spending More Time Together

Through building a better bond, you and your dog will be spending more time together. Time that is beneficial, meaningful, and relaxing to the both of you. While your dog may take some time to get used to doing yoga with you, this is very natural. Once you create a yoga routine for yourself and your dog, you will find that spending more time together doing so will give you both a peace of mind and will fill each other with happiness.


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