9 Signs Of Full-Fledged Yoga Obsession…

9 Signs Of Full-Fledged Yoga Obsession

Whether you are an occasional yoga practitioner or a yoga nerd who takes up the yoga practice regularly, the science of yoga inevitably starts to impact your life in radical ways from the beginning. Slowly, the art of yoga becomes a chief part of your existence that permeates beyond the mat into every sphere of your life. To an avid yoga practitioner, nothing seems better than enjoying and soaking in every second of a yoga practice that makes them happier, calm, confident, and more balanced than ever. You begin to embrace the positive influence of yoga in your life with open arms.

Here are nine signs of full-fledged yoga obsession. See how far along you are from these!

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The Day Doesn’t Begin Without A Yoga Practice

As a yoga lover, you never let a day go off without a yoga practice. Nothing makes your day brighter than the practice of a Sun Salutation which alone brings a world of goodness in terms of strength, flexibility, and wholeness. Also, you wish to treat yourself to a relaxing corpse pose or a downward facing dog pose rather than a sweet treat or browsing the social networking apps.

Saying Namaste has Become a Habit

Do your emails start and end with the word ‘Namaste’? Do you fold your hands in a prayer position in front of the heart and utter ‘Namaste’ in order to greet others? If yes, then this is can be a sign of yoga obsession. The gesture ‘Namaste’ represents that there exists a divine spark within each of us. The sign acknowledges deep respect for the other soul. The act of placing the hands near the heart chakra and to bow the head helps the practitioner to surrender to the divine in the heart.

Recommending Everyone to Dwell in the Yoga Practice

You highly recommend your family and friends to take up the yoga practice along with committing to healthy eating as a powerful solution for every ailment, from a backache to depression.

Commit to Healthy Eating

You have a refrigerator full of an assortment of Yogic food choices such as coconut water, green smoothies, fresh fruits, and green veggies, instead of packaged, low nutrition and junk food. You strictly adhere to a pure, vegetarian diet to replenish your vital organs.

Yoga Retreat is the Ideal Holiday Plan

For you, the ideal way to break free from the mundane life involves planning a yoga retreat. A yoga holiday in a natural, exotic, and peaceful location full of authentic yoga practices, wholesome eating, invigorating talks and thrilling activities rejuvenate your soul.

Love For Yoga Wear and Accessories

While your friend is shopping for designer outfits and preppy stilettos, you prefer to head straight to a store where you can buy durable, comfortable yoga mats, essential yoga props, and charming yoga apparels because more is less for you in this case. More than the shimmery jewelry, you are fascinated by the delicate, charming, and simple yoga-inspired charms and accessories. You might even daydream of having an opportunity to wear yoga pants to the office every day.

Becoming a Yoga Bibliophile

You are becoming more interested in reading yoga magazines, yoga journals rather than the Cosmopolitan magazines. Books by sage Patanjali, the yoga sutra, B.K.S Iyengar’s book– the light on yoga, the light on pranayama, along with other reads on yoga teachings adorn your bookshelf and excite you more than anything else. All the obsessed yogis acquire the sincerest teachings of yoga and for that, they seek education from the best yoga teacher training programs where they can acquire the art without compromising on the quality or the subject.

Social Activities are Full of Yoga

Your leisure time includes browsing yoga videos, posting inspirational yoga quotes on Facebook and updating pictures of yourself in various yoga postures on Instagram. Also, whenever you procrastinate, you like to watch yoga pose tutorials, reading yoga blogs and liking everything related to yoga.

Making Friends over the Practice of Yoga

You realize that you love to make friends at a yoga workshop, yoga retreat than over a couple of cocktails. You like to form strong bonds with vivacious souls who share the same passion for yoga as you.

Along with all these signs if you fall asleep while practicing a corpse pose and dream about yoga, then this is a sign enough that you have been irrevocably yoga-smitten.


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