Should Ashtanga Yoga Be Practiced In The Evening?…

Should Ashtanga Yoga Be Practiced In The Evening?

Ashtanga Yoga, literally translated as eight-limbed yoga, is the practice of internal and external cleansing. This form of yoga is an energetic one, synchronizing breath with movements. Widely debated, the correct time to practice this form of yoga could either be early every morning or every evening at sunset. We, on the other hand, feel like there is no correct time to practice Ashtanga Yoga. It is a personal choice to be made by every yogi. However, listed below are certain factors to be taken into consideration before concluding as to what would work best for you.

Muscle dexterity

As we mentioned earlier, Ashtanga is an energetic form of yoga. Every morning when we wake up, our muscles are tight and stiff since our bodies have been at complete rest. In the early hours, our body may not be completely ready for such an intense workout, so allowing our body a little time before heading doing an exercise like this could be considered ideal.

The flow of energy

Yoga philosophy correlates the sunrise with expansion, prana, and the sunset with contraction, āpana. Both these times are considered the most auspicious to pursue spiritual practices. While sunrise is when our energy levels go up; our energy levels wind down during the sunset. It’s easier to be reflective and thus, practicing during the sunset enables you to connect to the meditative side of Ashtanga yoga, thereby making your inward journey effortless and gratifying.

Sleeping patterns

Sleep is an indispensable part of a healthy, energetic lifestyle. However, we generally do not realize the adverse effects of our mundane activities and end up being detrimental to ourselves. An apt example would be the amount of time we spend in front of the television every evening after work hours. A Harvard study proved that televisions emit a ‘blue light’ that trick our nervous systems into believing it is daytime.

Choosing to practice yoga instead would help release the pent-up tension, enable the mind to calm down and create a conducive setting for refreshing sleep.

Substituting unhealthy evening habits

Evenings are the hardest times to make healthy life choices. Most of the evening activities we choose for ourselves to help us relax, in fact, excite our minds and bodies, leaving us restless and with low energy. Many of our comfort foods tend to have high salt or sugar content which simply acts as catalysts in stimulating our minds.

Substituting our evening activities with activities like yoga creates a restorative atmosphere that allows us to actually de-stress. It calms the body, focuses the mind and releases exhaustion.


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