8 Rituals Any Yogi Can Implement In 30 Minutes A Day…

8 Rituals Any Yogi Can Implement In 30 Minutes A Day

As a long time yoga practitioner and teacher, I have learned to implement rituals that make my day a tad nicer (maybe more radically-charged), more relaxed and sets the tone of accomplishment as I start each new day with gratitude.

These morning rituals set the tone for the day in a serene way that gets me through my activities of teaching kiddos art, creating paintings and jewelry, and giving therapeutic art sessions. Or sometimes, just the angst of everyday life! With the emergence of busy-ness, it’s imperative for me to do each and every one of them. Sometimes I add others, but these are the MUSTS!

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1) Wake softly

Wake up to a soft sound that enhances your mood immediately. I have an Apple Watch with two important apps that have really boosted these rituals: AutoSleep and AutoWake. I can set the AutoWake to smoothly transition my wake time with just some wrist haptics. If that doesn’t wake me, I set a chanting song that does; except the first time I used it for an important wake time (appointment), I felt and heard nothing.

2) Meditate

dSo once I’m awake, I set my Insight Timer app to meditate for a minimum of 15 minutes. There are bells and whistles you can choose to start the meditation. I stick with the standard Om (Aum) for this.

3) Inversions

I have to invert. Being an inversion junkie, upside down, bat-like, enlivens me and I’ve been inverting for about 28 years. I love the inversion table although I believe headstands are essentials as well. I like the stretching of the spine on the table and the growth of elongation from the headstands.

4) Read Short Inspirations

After I’m finished with 15 minutes of meditation and inversions, I read the Yoga Sutras (my third time around). Honestly, I was just introduced to a new book, “Meditations on the Mat” that has the Yoga Sutras in it, so I’m present with that book currently. Pick a book that you can learn from: Learn the Yogi’s way, I always say.

5) Nasal Cleanse/Neti Pot

Should I say more? This is another ritual I’ve done for about 25 years. I use kosher salt but I’ve found that if I use too much water or salt, I get earaches, so I’ve limited the amount of salt and water and, voila, no more earaches. I follow with putting oil in my nostrils to moisten the nasal passages.

6) Oil pulling

I use a particular product although just using coconut oil is good also. Just make sure you have a spittoon (a jar with a lid will work just fine) so as not to clog your drain pipes.

7) Tongue Scraping

I’m a sucker for clean and fresh breath. I brushed my teeth so much since I was young, that I actually had to have gum replacements or skin graphs on my gums. Now with the nice brushes we have, that doesn’t seem to be a problem. I used the plain stainless steel tongue scraper for years but recently found a copper scraper that feels so much softer on my tongue.

8) Breathe

I just completed the Wim Hof method with a certified teacher. What a powerful 4 hours that was, not to mention the 90 (WHOA!) seconds of cold immersion, an ice bath! This is something I will continue because when I was done, the facilitator’s helper asked how I felt and all I could say was, “I feel POWERFUL!”

Yet, I do alternate nostril and ujjayi breathing exercises and this is done throughout the day but I like to do the fire breath with my arms held high as I exalt the breath in and out the yogis way. I don’t know if this seems like a lot to do in one morning for a newbie, but once you’ve practiced these rituals, it comes down to just 30 minutes. Of course, on days when you don’t have to work or rush out of the house, you can extend these rituals to your heart’s desire.

I feel like my mindfulness habits are day-long activities but I wouldn’t have it any other way. It empowers me and completes my life as a serious yoga practitioner and spiritual being. May these rituals do the same for you.


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Carrie B Cottrill

Veteran Yoga/Meditation & Art Teacher/Facilitator. Yoga Alliance E-RYT500 Since 2007; practicing since 1994. Veteran Yoga Teacher & Artistic Facilitator helping…

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