Release Anger And Frustration With These 4 Yoga Techniques…

Release Anger And Frustration With These 4 Yoga Techniques

Anger and stress can be alleviated naturally using these yoga techniques.

Feeling angry and can’t control your emotions? Well, yoga can easily help and offer a great response to the situation. Anger and those stressful events can harm us physically and emotionally as well as make us completely deceived. Anger is natural, but a lot of anger can harm us and even threaten the life of a person, hence it must be released as soon as possible.

Everybody today is experiencing a stressful life, hence becomes angry and very frustrated easily. If you find yourself getting angry very often and you hurt yourself and others, only yoga can help you to manage that feeling while you are at work or at home. With yoga everything is possible — it can help both with calming you down when you feel angry in the moment and with managing anger for the long-term. It’s important for everybody to learn these techniques.

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1) Child’s pose

5 minutes of child pose will calm you down completely.

From a kneeling position, with your toes touching, spread your knees as far apart as feels workable for you. Your stretch will come through the inner legs and groin as you rest your upper body on your thighs and your forehead on your forearms, a block, or the floor. Make sure to have deep and long breaths and be aware of how it moves your belly against the resistance of your thighs. This posture is easily doable, so it’s a great way to find a deeper sense of calmness.

2) Fish pose

This is also called as Matsyasana, which is a very effective way to control anger and forget its evil temptation. This pose is known for relieving all stress and is great for improving blood circulation to your head. Just sit in padmasana with your legs crossed, grab your toes, and lean backward while stretching your spine and neck. If possible try to touch your head on the floor. Your back should be arched and not touching to the ground. Stay in this position for a few minutes, then relax and repeat.

3) Roaring Lion pose

This is fantastic for getting out all that anger! You can start from a kneeling position, and slowly spread your knees a bit. Press your palms into the floor with your wrists facing forward to stretch your forearms. Inhale, but exhaling hard through your mouth, stick out your tongue as far as you can and make a sound, like “hhhhaaaaa”. This will flush out all heat and tension from your body.

4) Meditation

You can also meditate in order to have a peaceful mind. During meditation, you must practice focusing on your breath. If it is deeper you will get a very calm or peaceful mind. Take your time, and continue the exercise until you feel calmer. You can also try “Reverse Savasana,” where you lie face-down, tuck your chin slightly, and bring your forehead to the floor without touching your nose. Stay in the same position as long as you feel comfortable and take deeper breaths.

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