3 Ways To Refresh Your Yoga Practice At Home…

3 Ways To Refresh Your Yoga Practice At Home

I miss going to a yoga studio. It was part of my weekly routine before I had children. I enjoyed the sense of community as we practiced together, and I truly appreciated the feedback from various yoga instructors. But life changes, and instead of pushing against the fact that my life is different now (in many positive ways by becoming a mother of two little girls), I have embraced a yoga practice at home. There are several challenges in maintaining a home practice. One is finding the best space and time to do yoga. Another is accountability and motivation. After much reflection, I have found three ways to refresh a home yoga practice.

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1. Create Your Own Yoga Space

Find a small space at home that is quiet, peaceful, and offers privacy. It may even double as a meditation space. You can keep your yoga mat, block, strap, bolster, an eye mask for Shavasana, and any other useful materials. You may also want an altar to display items that invigorate all five senses, such as candles, flowers, an inspirational book, a photo of loved ones, beads, and a cup of tea or coffee to enjoy after your home yoga session. You can display new items when the seasons change. The possibilities are endless for your personalized sanctuary.

2. Find a New Teacher

If you feel that your home yoga practice is going stale, or if you become bored with the same routine, change it up by finding a new yoga teacher or a new video series online. There are so many knowledgeable yoga instructors on YouTube, for example. Although online instruction can never truly replace the personalized feedback of a yoga studio teacher, you can continue to learn and thrive by changing up the videos you watch.

3. Invite a Friend

If, like me, you miss the feeling of community that a yoga studio offers, invite a friend or two to practice with you. It may become a weekly or monthly tradition, depending on your schedules. Practicing with others can invigorate your yoga experience and more importantly it’s fun!

Yoga as Self-Care

Think of your yoga practice as a way of taking care of yourself. You don’t have to spend a lot of money or time to maintain a healthy yoga practice. Make your well-being a priority in your life and watch as your home yoga practice flourishes!


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