5 Reasons Why Your Child Should Try Doing Yoga…

5 Reasons Why Your Child Should Try Doing Yoga

From a very young age, children should start learning about living a healthy life and become able to control their emotions. As they grow up, kids go through many changes. All the people and situations they face during childhood can create anxiety and disturb their emotional balance. Also, children love learning, and they are always open to experiment with new things. So, developing a fun method to help them expand their mental and physical health is a very wise decision. Yoga is a unique method that both parents and educators can use to keep kids under control, teach them what mindfulness means, and help them thrive in their daily activities. Just as going on hiking vacation can help a kid connect with nature and learn how to appreciate it, the same way yoga can help a young child connect with his inner self and discover more about himself. Keep reading this article and find why you should initiate your child in yoga practices from a very young age.

5 Reasons Why Your Child Should Try Doing Yoga

1. Yoga helps your child improve his concentration skills

If yoga can help adults improve their concentration abilities, it should have the same effect on children as well. Even though they not experimenting with the most challenging yoga poses, kids will still have to concentrate on keeping the most basic posture and clearing their minds. When you introduce yoga in your child’s routine as a game, you help him get rid of any stress accumulated during the day. Also, kids love to imitate people. So, if you do yoga exercises regularly and engage your child in working together, you will help him calm down and improve his concentration skills. Show him how easy it is to clear the mind and think of nothing else than your pose. Give your child examples of how you can relax and show him how happy you are after a session of yoga.

2. Reduced stress

Yoga can become a very efficient exercise for any child, starting with the age of three. You can show your child how meditation and pranayama practices will help him clear his mind and reduce the stress accumulated in school. When they start receiving assignments from teachers or around the period of exams, children tend to become very stressed and find it difficult to concentrate on studying. Yoga is an excellent method to help children forget about stress and embrace each challenge with optimism. Practicing asanas or other yoga poses will help your children control his breathing and meditate. These exercises will help him forget about any bad grades, homework, or tests. Once the yoga class is over, your child will feel more energized and confident in his abilities. Thus, he won’t be anxious anymore and think that he has everything he needs to solve a math problem or do very well in class.

3. Yoga exercises help children sleep better

One of the most significant advantages of yoga practices is learning how to breathe and relax. Taking your child to yoga classes or practicing together at home will help him eliminate any source of stress immediately and clear his mind from any negative thoughts. Thus, when he is relaxed and has a positive mind, your child will start to sleep better. He will wake up the next morning with plenty of energy, and you will notice how he has great ideas and doesn’t see school as a burden anymore. Yoga exercises help your kid recharge his batteries and receive any new challenge with an open heart. As your child begins to get experience in yoga classes, you can experiment with more advanced poses that help him quiet his mind and control his breathing for better sleep.

4. Boost in metabolism and improved digestion

When your child can sleep well and is no longer impacted by stress, he will experience many more benefits from doing yoga classes. His appetite will also get stabilized, and he will have enough energy to study better. Yoga helps both children and adults to improve their digestion processes. So, you can practice yoga together with your child and boost your metabolism and have smooth digestion. You can gently exercise the pose where you will massage your internal digestive organs with your heels and stimulate digestion. A child who has a calm state of mind, zero troubles with digestion and metabolism, and the right amount of energy for everyday activities, has all the prerequisites to be successful.

5. His body will look very nice

Even though they are small, children are exposed to various sources of stress. When you have a child with some extra kilos, he might be the target of bullying. You can take him to practice a sport to improve his appearance. Yoga practices will also help him look better and feel more energized. A better sleep, improved digestion, and reduced stress will make his body look great, and according to his age. So, if your child is still not convinced whether yoga poses are for him, you can explain to him how it helps to strengthen his muscles and the long-term effects it will have on his body. Plus, when your child feels at peace with himself and is calmer, it will be visible on the outside as well.


Once he tries yoga for the first time, your kid might tell you that he doesn’t like it. Thus, it is the parent and the educator’s responsibility to practice the first yoga poses together and show him that it can bring tremendous benefits. There are many poses that can help a child feel relaxed and energized. Plus, yoga can teach them a bit about the world around them. Asanas, for example, offer them the liberty to make animal noises and learn about the unique qualities that animal has. Or, you can try yoga Nidra and show children how they can relax entirely and be less tense. When they feel calm and have a goodnight’s sleep, your children will improve their self-confidence and build a strong personality.

Author’s bio. Daniela McVicker is a psychologist and family counselor. She is also a freelance writer and a contributor to Trustmypaper. Her passion is writing about leading a healthy family life and helping people enjoy their lives to the fullest.


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Daniela McVicker


Daniela McVicker is a psychologist and family counselor. Her passion is writing about leading a healthy family life and helping…

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