6 Reasons You NEED To Do Yoga At Home…

6 Reasons You NEED To Do Yoga At Home

I have plenty of love for yoga at a studio, but most of the time I’d rather save myself the hassle of changing into real clothes, commuting to another destination, commuting back, and the inevitable “wind down” time that comes after you get home from somewhere. Tell me I’m not the only one! These are some of the best reasons why you should stay in the next time yoga beckons…

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1. Wear what you like!

No clean leggings? No problem! No pants at all?! You do you, girl! Want to wear pajamas? Go for it. I know that in theory, I don’t NEED to do anything regarding my looks for anyone when I leave my house, but I do still feel like I should change out of the coffee-stained shirt I’ve been wearing all day before going out in public. Even if it’s just to the yoga studio. But doing yoga at home frees me to be unabashedly messy if I so choose!

2. Zero Expectations

I’m usually focused on my own practice when I’m at the studio, I really am, but there’s always those small splits in time where I get competitive with someone else in the room. When I practice at home, it really encourages me to be totally selfish (in the best way possible) and focus on how I feel rather than how I look. I’m not focused on living up to anyone’s expectations of my practice because I’m the only one there when I’m home.

3. No Commute!

Come hell or high water, I will NOT miss yoga! Just kidding. If I have to drive in heavy rain, walk in the freezing cold, or navigate busy crowds, I’m out! I’m laughing as I write that because I know it sounds awful, but I can’t help it! Having fewer obstacles to overcome makes sticking with something that much easier.

4. No Politics

I managed to find a couple great studios in my hometown and really connected with the communities within them. But inevitably there’s those few times when you really don’t vibe with the people in the studio, and it’s better to save yourself the effort of faking it to fit in and let yourself practice at home.

5. You Make the Rules

What styles do you like? How much time do you have? Who’s your favorite yoga teacher? What poses do you want to focus on? At what level do you practice? ALL of this can be determined by YOU! You make the rules. If you only have 25 minutes before lunch to practice, you can make that happen. If you want a long, slow 90-minute yin class on a Sunday night at 10PM, you can do that too.

6. Put Your Signature on It

One thing I LOVE doing after a yoga class is journaling or jumping right into reading. Even doing an extended savanna is glorious sometimes. Studios are great, but nothing beats the cozy freedom of a home yoga practice. What’s your go-to reason for staying home when it comes to yoga? Is it the customization, the lack of commute, or the no uniform? 😉


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