A Postpartum Yoga Guide…

A Postpartum Yoga Guide


As soon as your bundle of joy became a part of your life, your every thought started revolving around their well-being and health. On the other hand, you are probably yearning for a few hours to care for yourself as well, and you can’t wait to go back to your favorite yoga poses, to restore your energy levels and your pre-pregnancy fitness levels.

With all the wonders and challenges motherhood has in store for you, it will be impossible to go back to your usual routine of workouts, dieting, and sleeping, so it’s crucial to come up with a battle plan and find the perfect way to incorporate a healthy amount of physical activity to boost your recovery. Labor alone is exhausting enough, not to mention sleepless nights with your little one.

Let’s go through some of the key steps that will ensure gradual progress and a safe return to your yoga mat!

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Timing and Scheduling

First of all, you need to regain your strength after childbirth. Whether it was a vaginal delivery or a Caesarean procedure, it will take at least six weeks or longer to get back on your feet. It would be best to consult your doctor for a final assessment before you start incorporating asanas into your routine, to find out if there are any positions that would not be suitable for your body at the beginning.

It’s crucial to make sure that you’re not suffering from diastasis recti or any other complication that will alter your approach to yoga. Even for the most experienced yogis, it’s essential not to overburden your body immediately after childbirth or start exercising too soon.

Rest and Relaxation

Due to the extreme conditions of giving birth, the changes your body goes through, the slow recovery and the difficulties of the first few weeks of adapting to your role as a mom, the primary purpose of your yoga practice should be to get more rest, and soothe your body and your mind. Start by including gentle, restorative asanas that will improve your sleep, and allow you more time to relax and rest. Simple breathing exercises and meditation alone can be of great help right before you start including Balasana, the child’s pose, and Savasana, the corpse pose. When start feeling comfortable with these basic positions, you can start including other, more challenging asanas.

Change of Wardrobe

Another important element of your yoga practice is comfort. Your body needs suitable clothes made of natural materials that will easily adjust to your curves and not cause any discomfort in the most sensitive areas. And since yoga fashion offers such a versatile selection of stylish clothes, why not look your best while getting back in shape? For example, wearing comfortable, practical tunics and comfy, slimming leggings will give your skin a breath of fresh air, while providing you with an amazing look that will help you boost your confidence after having a baby. You can also shop at swap.com and browse through their collection of fashionable, loose and cozy items that will ease you into your yoga practice.

Advice for Newbie Yogis

For new moms who have never practiced yoga before, but would like to include it in their weekly schedules, it’s important to have proper guidance from a certified yoga instructor, to make sure that your asana flows are performed correctly and safely, to prevent injury and slowly become more independent in your practice. In addition to simple, restorative yoga poses we’ve mentioned, you can also focus on strengthening your abdominal muscles, as well as your posterior chain, to ensure a strong, healthy posture. Carrying a child for nine months puts a lot of stress on your body, as your lumbar spine and your stomach bear most of the weight, so it’s essential to restore your strength and slowly increase your mobility and flexibility.

Most importantly, no matter if you’re new to yoga or not, use the healing power of this amazing holistic discipline to help you transition into motherhood, slowly renew your energy and strength, and restore balance to every aspect of your life.


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Gabriella Diesendorf

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