5 Myths About Advancing Your Yoga Practice That Need To Go!…

5 Myths About Advancing Your Yoga Practice That Need To Go!

As a yoga teacher who specializes in strength-based asana, I get a lot of different comments from students about how long and when they should practice so that they can finally get into advanced poses. As it turns out, once we start working deeper together I always notice there are a few mindset myths that really set them back from reaching their goals.

Here are a few of the biggest ones that I want to demystify:

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When you’re stressed, you shouldn’t practice a strength-based flow

When we are stressed our minds tend to be in overdrive, yet that doesn’t mean that our bodies are, too. In fact, often times when we’re stressed our bodies are holding onto too much energy that needs to be released. By practicing strength-based asana, we can get all of that energy out and relax that much more into our savasana. Another key point here is that when we’re stressed, our minds are in overdrive. The mind will always try to play small in fear of stepping outside of our comfort zones. Never forget that change lies outside of that comfort.

You need to practice for at least one hour for it to be worth it

I used to fall into this one quite often. Many women think that if they’re not stepping on their mats for at least an hour than whatever they do won’t matter much. I mean, yoga classes are typically 60 minutes, so if we’re doing it at home it has to be the same, right? It’s another way that our mindset helps us stay ‘safe’ by not doing anything new. Any amount of time that you step on your yoga mat is time well used. And you would be surprised at how much arm strength you can develop with doing 5 minutes of chaturanga!

If you miss a day or a week of a new routine, you might as well give up

The secret is out: everyone skips a day or week of a routine that they follow. It’s completely normal. The difference between someone who is consistent and someone who is not is that the consistent person won’t let a day or two stop them from continuing to see progress in their practice.

I need to incorporate other fitness routines to get stronger, yoga is only for relaxation and flexibility

Yoga can give you virtually anything you want be it physical, mental or spiritual. You just need to know what type of yoga to practice to experience each one. Both myself and my clients have experienced weight loss, a dramatic increase in strength (both in the body and in the mind), as well as more focus, confidence, energy, productivity and so much more with our yoga practices! Yoga is like a miracle drug that will literally make you become the best version of yourself if you’re ready for it.

All I need is to practice yoga a few days a week and I will feel stronger and calmer

While this isn’t necessarily completely false, our yoga practices extend beyond the yoga mat. Anyone can go to a few classes a week and still feel stressed and overwhelmed in their day-to-day if they’re not incorporating the teachings off of the mat. There is so much more to your practice when you add meditation and lifestyle coaching to the mix so that you can get the best of both worlds — a strong, flexible body and a calm & carefree mind. That feeling of contentment, strength and carefree balance is waiting right around the corner for you. Once you work on getting over these myths, you can finally start advancing your practice and seeing real progress!


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