5 Ways To Land a Job As A Yoga Teacher…

5 Ways To Land a Job As A Yoga Teacher


The present day world has a lot of pressures. The rising cost of living and the limited employment opportunities have moved many people to seek alternative jobs such to supplement their incomes.

Teaching yoga has become a lucrative job for many wellness and meditation oriented people. As at 2016, over 36 million people have taken up a teaching yoga job compared to the 20.4 million in 2012. Most people who have taken on this job started out by doing it on the side. The motivating factor was not really a financial one but the need to share with others the experience of yoga. But with time, it hits them that they could earn a living out of teaching people this experience. If you’re interested in landing a job teaching yoga, here are five ways you can go about it.

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Develop Your Skills as a Teacher

It takes more than just knowing yoga to make a living out it. Some additional skills are required.

For example, you ought to not only impart knowledge but also to connect with your students. If you have a classroom that’s big, you have to cultivate the skills required to teach big classrooms, for example, audibility. You might also have to overcome some personal weaknesses such as shyness. However, for some people, big classrooms are not a big deal. In fact, they love to teach in such settings.

It’s also essential to cultivate ideal temperaments as you would be meeting different people with different learning capabilities.

Therefore, it comes as an imperative for you to develop skills of a teacher like:

  • Being objective
  • An engaging personality
  • Mastery of subject (in our case yoga instruction)
  • Personal discipline

Target Corporate Employees

You can approach a firm and offer your services to their employees. Corporate entities fancy anything that will enhance the productivity of their employees. Wellness and meditation have been proven to increase the productivity of employees, boost their morale and to cultivate a positive attitude among them.

If you can convince corporate managers that your yoga classes are the missing links to organizational productivity, then you’ll be good to go. About 86% of corporate employees who practice yoga vouch for it as they report improved mental clarity after practicing it. It is common knowledge that companies pay top dollar for such services, hence, you’ll be better off than your regular group classes.

However, don’t expect high commitment from the employees. They are more often disinterested in the deeper aspect of yoga.

Embracing Technology

The world is quickly embracing the digital wave. It’s not uncommon to hear someone doing an online course in a certain field. Teaching too has embraced the digital wave as more tutorials and instructions are being relayed virtually. You can ride this wave by using the unlimited ways that the digital front is bringing to teaching. There are various platforms such as:

  • Social Media – Facebook, Twitter
  • YouTube

With these platforms, you can create and share videos of your yoga instructions. You can also have a virtual class through webcam. You can also record your yoga instructions and make a DVD which you could then sell to prospects.

The positive implication that this brings is increased outreach and extra value for your students. On a personal level, you would be earning a decent living.

Attract Sponsors

Sometimes, it takes creativity to land a job as a yoga teacher. If you’re quite skilled in teaching yoga, you can start by letting the world know. Tell everyone you meet in your social interactions that you’re a proficient yoga instructor. Utilize the internet, especially social media, to share the message. Your main aim is to create a huge following that believes in your skill.

Go further and use articles, videos and pictures of your instruction. Recommend products that are used in yoga, for example, accessories like yoga mats and yoga clothes. Be strategic and recommend products that have real value to anyone who uses them. In the process, you might attract the brand owners. Since you have the following and online presence, they might be interested in reaching that following. That might be your ticket to a great sponsorship to teach yoga.

Keep up With Your Practice

Yes, you might have sacrificed a lot in order to land a job as a yoga teacher. But it’s assumed that you chose to teach it because you have a profound love for yoga. Therefore, one thing that you cannot afford to sacrifice is your personal practice. It keeps you on top your game and perfects your mastery of yoga.

Remember that one skill that a teacher has is a good mastery of the subject matter. In our case, the subject is yoga and yoga instruction. Regular practice keeps you in the know, and this is quite instrumental for a teacher. If need be, schedule some time for quality practice in your home or take a class elsewhere. In the event that a job opening presents itself, you would be more than prepared.

You can update your resume with professional resume writers. Using a resume writing service can have great utility.


The above ways are sure to land you a job as a yoga teacher. If applied well with objectivity, coupled with patience, these are sure to assist you in landing that yoga teaching job that you have always wanted.


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