The Importance Of Partner Yoga For Strengthening Your Relationship…

The Importance Of Partner Yoga For Strengthening Your Relationship

A healthy relationship requires some effort on behalf of both parties involved – the chemistry may happen naturally but compatibility is all about working on problematic issues and making compromises. There are many approaches couples can rely on to strengthen their bond. Partner yoga is one great option. Are you wondering about the ways in which it can have a positive impact on your relationship? Keep on reading to discover the essentials.

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A Higher Level of Relationship Satisfaction

Trying something new with a partner and going to a yoga class can make the relationship much more satisfactory. Studies show that people who engage in activities together experience a higher level of attraction to each other. It isn’t just the physical aspect of doing yoga. The benefits also stem from taking the time to be together, to try something new and share the moment with a significant other.

More Trust

As the name suggests, partner yoga is something that you do together with another person. In a sense, you are reliant on a partner to do the respective pose. In order to be successful, you have to trust the one that you’re sharing the experience with. Learning to trust your partner is one of the biggest essentials for making your relationship grow. A successful marriage or long-term relationship has multiple components but trust is probably the biggest one. If trust is ever broken, it will be incredibly difficult to go back and start things fresh.

The Power of Loving Touch

We are sensual creatures and human touch plays an important role in our lives. Studies show that physical affection helps for happier relationships. Touch is the first sense to develop in newborns and some psychologists believe that it is much more powerful than verbal communication. Partner yoga is a highly tactile experience. Through touch, two people can increase their awareness of each other. If physical affection is somewhat missing, partner yoga may be a great choice for making things happen.

Building Intimacy

Being intimate is not the same thing as having sex with each other. Many people who have a sexual relationship would not describe themselves as being intimate. Intimacy is about a state of honesty, complete trust and vulnerability. When intimacy comes into the relationship, the connection and the sex between two people can improve significantly. There is some research suggesting that partner yoga can increase intimacy and thus help couples experiencing sexual dysfunction. A good sex life is an important part of the bond between two people, which is why working on improvements makes a lot of sense.

Less Stress for a Happier Relationship

Unfortunately, we live in a hectic world. Stress plays a role in nearly every aspect of our lives and it can be detrimental to a romantic relationship. On top of that, people who don’t find a way to cope with chronic stress may begin experiencing both physiological and mental health problems. Partner yoga is a great option for overcoming stress.

The fact that a loved one is joining you in the process acts as an added bonus. A focus on mindfulness, proper breathing, and physical exercise can help you let go of daily worries. Ultimately, you will feel calmer and happier – two emotions that will be beneficial for your relationship. Whether you decide to try partner yoga out of curiosity or for the purpose of strengthening your relationship, it’s definitely worth experiencing. Even the simplest of poses will give you enjoyment – there is no need to become an experienced yogi to get the most out of it. You will feel more relaxed in your body, more connected to your partner and healthier – who wouldn’t want to change their lives in such powerful ways?


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