How Improving Your Diet Can Help With Yoga…

How Improving Your Diet Can Help With Yoga

No matter how you come to your mat, yoga will refresh and optimize your body and mind into better states instantly. You amplify these natural effects when you follow a joyful diet based on fruits and vegetables, whole grains and low-fat proteins. With the uplifted spirits and increased energy your improved diet grants you, you will find your yoga game gets stronger with more endurance to practice longer.

But just like your own unique yoga style, you must make your optimal diet your own.

Take heart. You’re part of a big crowd.

Yoga’s popularity to prevent stress and disease has grown with the general population’s awareness of diet to accomplish the same. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control charted yoga as the most common natural health supplement among adults as recently as 2017. When you buy into the “food as medicine” concept, it is natural to bring yoga along.

This growth could make yoga part of mainstream medical treatment. The National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health is sponsoring studies on yoga’s abilities to help push cancer patients through chemotherapy, adolescents past depression and veterans out of chronic pain.

Tailor your diet to your life.

You came to yoga because it fits with your life, is low-maintenance and is affordable. An improved diet should also be the same. You will discover it costs less to eat well than depend on fast food, takeout and deliveries.

Crash diets and extreme plans will leave you no energy to face daily life, let alone your mat. A high polyphenol low lectin diet gives yogis a variety of fruits, vegetables and proteins to fuel properly. It also promotes weight management, boosts immunity and releases anti-aging compounds.

It is a perfect companion diet to yoga’s similar effects and vice versa. Dedication to yoga impacts all areas of your life, including increased mindful eating. With a mindful diet, you become aware of everything you put into your mouth and how it fits your life holistically.

Benefits of Polyphenols

Polyphenols are a group of cancer-preventing, disease-fighting, plant-based antioxidants. These organic micronutrients reduce free radicals and inflammation in the body. They protect organs and tissues from viruses, bacteria and oxidative stress.

Terms such as “High in Flavonoids” have become popular to signal high polyphenol content in foods and beverages. Find polyphenols in:

In-season berries

Citrus fruits

Dark leafy greens, especially spinach and broccoli

Drawbacks of Lectins

Lectins are plant-based proteins in beans, legumes and some vegetables. Lectins protect plants from sunburn and deterioration as they grow. Popular lectin-rich foods include lentils, peanuts, chickpeas and potatoes.

These staple ingredients in vegetarian and vegan diets may increase inflammation and block nutrient absorption in high quantities. Essentially, they counteract polyphenol benefits. This does not make them bad in moderation but they do require sparse, sensible consumption.

Find balance and keep it up…

Work with, not against, life’s flow. Strive for balance in your diet. This equilibrium transfers to your yoga practice, where you want to keep stretches and poses within your own individual edge as you grow.

Treat yourself. Some savory delicacies in a high polyphenol diet of reduced lectin foods are: Green and black olives, red wine, dark chocolate and artichokes.

Use a pressure cooker. If you want to add a homemade hummus bar or vegetarian tacos to your party and family meals, go for it! Just use a pressure cooker to decrease lectin content in beans and legumes.

Eat fruit everyday. Fruit prevents constipation, which can occur in low lectin diets without many beans and legumes for fiber. Apples are a top high polyphenol choice.

Combining a healthy diet with yoga upgrades your body’s internal health quickly. The effort also helps you overthrow stress and anxiety. You will feel younger, calmer and stronger once you harmonize these lifestyle choices regularly.


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