7 Handpicked Yoga Retreats For Newbies Worldwide…

7 Handpicked Yoga Retreats For Newbies Worldwide

Yoga has different meanings for different people. But, in its truest form, yoga is about the journey to connect and discover your inner-self. The balance and harmony you achieve with yoga is something that makes this ancient art truly unique. Yoga retreat vacations offer you the perfect blend of the spiritual goodness of yoga along with a retreat that not only refreshes you but, gives you a new beginning. If you are looking to holiday and bless yourself with the virtue of Yoga, here’s a list of some of the world’s best Yoga retreats for beginners.

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1. Absolute Sanctuary, Thailand

When you talk about Yoga retreats, Absolute Sanctuary should find a place in your discussions. All thanks to the incredibly astonishing views and top quality detoxification therapies that it offers. Along with a completely herbal and yogic way of rejuvenation, the infamous Thai resort lets you experience the warmth of Koh Samui’s pristine beaches.

2. Satchidananda Ashram, United States

Satchidananda Yoga Ashram is probably the best Yoga school in North America with some elements of Indian Yoga style. Multiple kinds of Yoga retreats are organized by the Virginian Yoga center that focuses on the absolute invigoration of the mind and soul with spiritual and meditational retreats. Feel extreme silence in a spot that is surrounded by endless rainforests.

3. Suncokret Body & Soul Retreat, Croatia

One of Europe’s top Yoga and wellness resort, Suncokret Dream is located in Dol Village on the Island of Hvar and set in the midst of luscious vegetation. The Suncokret team of health experts and yogis mix the spiritual and adventurous way of exotic experience with a number of astonishing programs.

4. Blue Osa, Costa Rica

If you want to explore the virgin beaches of Central America in the Golfo Dulce, spend your summer vacation at Blue Osa. A paradise for water sports, you will get an opportunity to spend time with the aquatic fauna while cruising through the blue water. Yoga practice at the center is mainly inspired by classical as well as contemporary teachings.

5. Ananda in the Himalayas, India

Ananda’s way of healing the mind, body, and soul with traditional Ayurvedic detox and Yoga practice in the backdrop of the Himalayan valleys is praised worldwide. Nothing is more beautiful than going deep into the spiritual asanas in a completely yogic environment. The Indian Ayurveda practitioners will help you attain your spiritual and wellness goals in the most incredible manner.

6. The Island Experience, Brazil

The Island Experience marks a junction of extreme delight and fascination overlooking magnificent rainforests on the South Atlantic Ocean shore. The retreat school conducts various programs that range from 7-days to a month long retreat. To experience the best sea view, in addition to thrill and amusement, there is nothing better than this Brazilian resort.

7. Sukhavati Ayurvedic Retreat & Spa, Bali

Balinese Yoga culture is quite unique and amazing, which you get to witness at Sukhavati Retreat in the central Bali. Rejuvenate to the core of your soul and relish the exotic beauty of the surrounding of Ngurah Village when you set your foot on the breathtaking Island for Yoga and Spa retreat by some of the wizards of the field.


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