Get Your As(s)-ana Outside

Now don’t get me wrong, I love my home studio. I love my home studio a lot. I have some of my strongest practices in my home studio as it is a comfortable space where I feel confident enough to try new postures or transitions.

But a recent, much-needed nature trip got me thinking that there’s just something organically beautiful about a practice among nature, something you can’t find in the four walls of your studio. Whether you’re new to yoga or a regular practitioner, practicing outside can help us connect to ourselves and evoke new inspiration in our practice. Here are a few reasons you should take your practice outside:

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Soak up that Vitamin D!

We’ll start with one of the most obvious but most important, the sunshine vitamin! Since our bodies cannot absorb the correct amount of Vitamin D our bodies need from food, our bodies produce Vitamin D naturally when it is in direct exposure to sunlight. Vitamin D contributes to several important body functions. Some of the most vital are the regulation of calcium and phosphorus along with the assistance of normal immune system functions. In addition, it is known to help against certain diseases and even help reduce depression.

Connect to Prana

Prana, simply put, is a vital life force; a sum of all the cosmic energy in the universe. When we spend time in nature connecting to elements (earth, water, fire, air and space), we are submerging ourselves in the greatest source of prana. Combine mindful movement and breath with an abundance of prana and you’ve got yourself a recipe for internal yumminess!

Increase Balance and Strength

When we practice in our homes or studios, we are practicing in a fairly controlled environment and have the ability to set ourselves up for success. The earth’s perfectly imperfect terrain and uncontrollable elements require a heightened awareness from even the most balanced of yogis, challenging our physical and mental strength. But just like any other aspect in life: the bigger the challenge the bigger the opportunity for growth! Plus if you fall, there’s no one around to see!

Connect with Nature

We too often get lost in the stress of our day-to-day lives, resulting in stagnant energy in the body. Energy is like water. When it flows, it stays clear and free of blockages. When it doesn’t flow things slow down. The water becomes unclear and begins to fill with debris. When we take our practice outside, we get a chance to connect with nature and allow our energy to realign.


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Darrion Romero

Yoga teacher, animal lover and spreader of good vibes!

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