3 Cleansing Yoga Exercises To Start Your Day…

3 Cleansing Yoga Exercises To Start Your Day

As a modern fast-paced life continues to accelerate, the health issues are also increasing speedily. Modern life of today is surrounded by a lot of body and mental health issues, and to maintain a balanced and healthy life, adopting yoga has become essential. Yoga is an ancient practice that provides complete health care and purification practices are an integral part of it. Along with practicing yoga asanas, pranayama, and meditation in the morning, yoga offers further help kick-start the day in the best way. And, this is established through Shat Kriyas, the yogic cleansing works.

The three vital Yogic Cleansing Techniques (Kriyas):

1. Jala and Sutra Neti- For Nasal Cleansing

The practice is a great way to clean the nasal cavity and is a natural process to stay disease-free. The process helps to remove the bacteria, removes the nasal infection, cleanses sinus, is great for respiratory health, soothes the brain, treats depression, tension, temper, migraine, etc., and is also good for ear health, soothes pituitary gland, improves vision, and concentration power.

Jala Neti Steps:

• With the lukewarm water, fill the Neti Pot and then mix salt in a proportion of 2 teaspoons in 1 liter of water.

• Now, put the Neti Pot cone in the right nostril, seal it from inside, and point the cone opening towards the nasal passage.

• Don’t block the tip of the nozzle. Now open up the mouth and breathe slowly through it.

• Try not to sniff or laugh. Slowly bend forward and tilt or incline the head towards the left.

• Seal to avoid leakage from the right nostril and wait for 30 seconds. The water runs out from the left nostril.

• Keep breathing gently and wait for few seconds so that all the water flows from the right nostril to the left.

• Now stand and clear the water and mucus from your nose, and then perform the same with the other side.

Sutra Neti Steps:

Before gaining perfection, practice it under the guidance of an expert. Sutra Neti is performed by using a cord made up of a thin rubber tube or cotton thread.

• Take the tube or thread in your hand, and gently insert the tube inside the right nostril. Doing so can create a discomforting sensation, so do it slowly under vigilance.

• Push the tube upward into the nostril, till it hits the back of your throat. At this point, the tube bends and slowly goes down the throat.

• Open your mouth and use your fingers to grab the tube and pull it out. Now, with both the hands, move the tube gently to clean the throat and nostril.

• Pull out completely and repeat the same with the left nostril.

2. Netra Dhauti- Eye Wash

The eye-cleaning Yoga Kriya in the morning helps you awaken, cleanses the eyes, and makes you feel fresh all day. The practice improves eyesight, keeps eye problems at bay, removes the accumulation of the toxins, supports the eye-moisture for proper functioning, is great for stressed eyes, helps to deal with a headache and insomnia, and relaxes you.


• Sit in the Utkatasana pose and take fresh and clean water in a bowl.

• Now open your eyes and rinse it with water by taking some water in your hands and splash in your eyes.

• Then fill the mouth with water and rinse your eyes again. Now spit the water out, and repeat the process for 3-5 times with both the eyes.

• You can also form a cup with your hand or use an eye-cup. Fill it with water and then bend over and then open and close your eyes in it to clean them.

3. Jihva Dhauti- Cleansing The Tongue

The Kriya is used to cleanse the tongue and purify the tongue root. It removes excess phlegm, toxins, and bacteria. The yellow or white tinge on the tongue in excess is harmful to the body.


• Scrap the tongue with your finger or use a tongue scraper. Wash it and do it again to clean the surface of the tongue properly.

These easy Kriyas help you to have a great start of the morning, and make the whole day a healthy and worthy one.


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