5 Emerging Trends In Yoga You Wouldn’t Believe Are Happening…

5 Emerging Trends In Yoga You Wouldn’t Believe Are Happening

Yoga has been around for thousands of years now, and Hindus and avid spiritual beings have been religiously practicing this ritual for the same amount of time.

Exercise has been made more accessible in this day and age, with personal trainers that come to your home such as Toronto based First Class Personal Training. Like any good thing, the novelty wears off after a while if you aren’t serious about it and people go about finding new trends and ways to make the old new, trendy and exciting.  

Let’s take a look at some of the most unbelievable and oddest exercise routines that are trending now.

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Beer Yoga

Yes, beer, and yoga. A spiritual journey with a cold one, and whoever came up with that must have been a genius indeed. Now you can achieve transcendence and get intoxicated at the same time.

Beer Yoga is taken seriously by many. They meet twice a week to learn yoga poses which incorporate beer salutations that show you how to balance a bottle on your head while you stretch and get inner peace. People say that in a few days, there will be in home personal training services for Beer Yoga too.

Yoga and Cannabis

If possible, this trend out-shocks the Beer Yoga to nothing. Inhaling cannabis fumes just before your yoga session can elevate your senses and give you a better experience, say some Cannabis Yoga experts. They argue that the general belief is that people who smoke weed are lazy and just sit around, but on the contrary, the correct amount can make a person more active and focused on the activities they do while on the high.

SUP Yoga

SUP Yoga, or stand up paddleboard yoga is taking yoga and the precision and focus needed to do it, to the next level. This does sound extremely calming as you’d be surrounded by water and the floating sensation calms a person immediately unless they have a phobia to depth or the seas. Breathing fresh air, soaking some much-needed Vitamin D, and practicing yoga is the ultimate dream for the spiritual lovers out there and the fact that you might fall into the water any moment make s one focus more on the workout and balance. The SUP community is quite large and it is easy to find a personal trainer. Thornhill has many lakes on which SUP yoga is allowed and all you have to do is call up a few personal trainers in Vaughan to find out which lakes you can be on.

Dog Yoga

It is exactly what it sounds like. This is yoga for you and your dog, a time to elevate your senses with your best friend while you both get a great workout and stretch. This type of yoga has been gaining popularity lately and you can find in home personal training in Thornhill and a few other cities in the vicinity. If your pet is a natural at Doga or Dog Yoga, it means that you are both uniting on a spiritual level and honestly, that is something everyone loving pet owner would want.

Goat Yoga

This sounds like a joke, or another version of Dog Yoga, where goats practice yoga with humans too, but no, this is something different and not something very odd too. Baby goats are made to walk on your back with their hoofs massaging you lightly, and having these babies around instantly calms the yoga practitioners and lowers their blood pressure too.


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