The One Surprising Thing Doing Yoga Before Work Taught Me…

The One Surprising Thing Doing Yoga Before Work Taught Me

In today’s society, we are usually expected to perform at a high level. On top of performing at your best on the job, many of us have a lot going on in our personal lives too. Many of us have families, friends, and hobbies that also require us to dedicate our time and energy toward. Life can be hectic and the days can be long. The nights can be short and the daily grind of life can wear you down over time.

I know such was the case for me at my last job.

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My Last Job

My last job was at a local startup company and I was working 11 hour days Monday through Friday while also trying to make time for exercise, my fiancee, and my friends. It was extremely difficult for me to keep everything in balance and different aspects of my personal and professional life always seemed to be struggling at different times. Then one day I talked to the Vice-President of our company about allowing me to try new wellness programs at our office for our employees. Many of my co-workers had been complaining about the lack of balance they had in their lives as well.

I wanted to help them. The long hours and stress of the job were negatively impacting their mental and emotional well-being as well.

My Brain Is Usually Going A Million Miles An Hour

One of the new programs I started up at the company was having a local yoga instructor come into our office twice a week for an hour before our day started. The instructor would practice yoga with the employees so that we could improve our mentality and have a positive way to release stress before our work day started. One thing I learned from doing yoga before the workday was that my brain is usually going a million miles an hour. I am thinking about the problems I had yesterday. I also tend to think about how I can attack today and be successful. On top that, I tend to think about my relationships and other things that are going on with me.

It’s absolutely exhausting.

Yet, doing yoga taught me how to calm down and think about one thing at a time. I thought about my breath and finding myself. I could feel peace and calmness for the first time in a long time. I didn’t have a million different thoughts racing through my brain, I just had one…

I am so happy right now.

And with that happiness, I carried that mentality with me throughout the rest of the work day and tended to have an extremely productive day at work. I usually achieved above-average sales metrics that day and I was relaxed all day. It was absolutely wonderful! I also noticed that my co-workers that chose to do yoga with me and the instructor in the mornings when the teacher came tended to be much happier throughout the day too. When I looked at the types of sales metrics these employees achieved throughout the day, I found that they tended to outperform their peers.

Practicing Yoga Made Us All Better In Every Way Possible

Yoga was literally improving the performance of our company! 

More importantly, it was helping people live a healthier and more mindful life. My co-workers and I were more pleasant to deal with throughout the day when we did yoga. We felt good about our jobs and about our capabilities. Yoga helped us become even more confident. Doing yoga before work helped me tremendously and I recommend it to everyone.

I’m excited to see what you end up learning about yourself.


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